Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Authentic Malacca Wantan Mee

This Wan Tan Mee or Wonton Noodles, whichever you'll like to call it, is a must have whenever one travels to Malacca. Or at least a must haves for me. I may not be a person who love wan tan mee, or should I say I dislike wan tan mee, because I just hated the taste of the noodle. But this stall here in Malacca is one of my love. Let's not talk any further. Here, I present you...*drum rollsss...

This plate changes my perception towards Wan Tan Mee. I can no longer go around and tell people that I hate wan tan Mee because no matter how I dislike Wantan mee, I loved the one prepared in this stall. One plate of the wan tan mee cost RM 3.50. The one you saw in the picture is RM 4, added with roasted pork, yummy...

Long-long noodles. What makes this plate different is that the sauce consist of chilli and oil, rather than the usual dark soy sauce. I like the fact that it is not charcoal-black like those we have here.

Look at the shine which emits from the noodles. So oily, yet so tasty.

But for those who dislike their noodles to be too soft and soggy, I will not recommend this. As for me, I find it ok, as I loved the taste of it.

Extra servings of wan tan in soup. Look at the oil on the surface.

The god of all wan tan mee sauce, which makes the noodles here taste heavenly. Ok. I'll reveal the stall now for whoever interested to give this a try.

The genius behind the wan tan mee. The stall operates only at night, from 8.30pm to 1am. For dieters like me, you'll need to forfeit your diet for a day.

This shop is where the stall are located. I think it is located somewhere in Bukit Cina or Off Jalan Temenggong. Oh yeah..I personally may be loving this wan tan mee to the max, but it really depends on personal liking. So, tell me how it taste, if you happen to stop by at the place.

Also be prepared to wait for at least 15-30 mins, especially during weekends and public holiday, as the crowd can get really crazy huge.And this Wan Tan Mee is recommend by fellow food blogger, non other than  Jasonmumbles.

Other than Wan Tan Mee, they also have ermm chicken feet noodles, curry mee, and etc.. you'll have to explore it yourself. Right now, I'm still crazy over the wan tan mee to even try other stuffs there.

Cheerios!! 88...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Penang Assam Laksa World's No 7 Most Delicious Foods

As I was browsing through The Star today, I came to a title which reads 'Spore sour over assam laksa'. Interesting and I was wondering what has Singapore had to do with Assam Laksa. Apparently the report is on how Singaporeans are upset that Chilli Crab is ranked 35th while Assam Laksa ranks 7th.

Put the Sporeans aside, we Malaysian must be so proud of our Penang Assam Laksa. And yeah, I'm visiting Penang this weekend, so here I come No 7. Which  stall should I go? Any suggestion anyone?

The Top 5 food in the list:

5. Peking Duck, China
4. Sushi, Japan
3. Chocolate, Mexico
2. Neapolitan Pizza
1. Massaman Curry, Thailand ( Congratz Thailand)

I wanted to post up pictures for the Top 5 to feast your eyes but too bad, the line here is damn slow, so have fun looking for the photos yourself...

Here's the full list for CNN 50 Most Delicious Food for those who are interested. Looking at the list makes me feel like wanting to go try all the food that's in the list. And also it makes me wonder, why Bah Kut Teh's not in the list?

Ohh, this is actually my 1st post without any images/photos...hopefully it doesn't bores you!! Byeeee

Friday, July 22, 2011

Crispy Roasted Pork @ Malacca

Craving for some crispy roasted pork and sweet char siew? The stall selling this plate of rice shares the same stall with the famous 'Boon Leong Fried Oyster' which operates at night, whilst the crispy roasted pork stall operates in the am. I'm not sure of the operating hours but it was 11 in the morning when I visited the stall and there are still plenty of meats available.

Sorry ar, taukeh.. that piece of pork is too huge it covers your face.

The boss is so buzy chopping and slicing, all the time when we were there. Although there are not many eat-in customers but there are definitely a lot of take-aways.

Other than selling chickens, pork, the stall also sells fried eggs, cabbage and kang kong..talking about being healthy.

The fried eggs. What make the meat rice here different from the one we have in Klang Valley is that, the rice is served with curry gravy and bean sauce. You can also request for a bowl of the curry gravy to be eaten with the egg.

The char siew served here is a no-fatty, unlike those in 'Meng Kee Char Siew'. Both of the char siew I love, but I prefer the one in Meng Kee, will do a post on it asap...

The star food here is the roasted pork.

Look at the fats in between the meats, making it juicy and moisture. Since the fats is thin, you just can't separate it from the meats. The skin is ultra crispy, you can hear the 'crispyness' when you bite into it.

Some cabbage to wash all the fats...although non-logical, but at least that's how most people think. ^^

We had a plate of charsiew+roasted pork rice, fried egg and another extra roasted pork for RM12.

For those who wanted to have a bite into this crispy roasted pork, here's the address:

Medan Makan Bunga Raya Boon Leong
Jalan Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

American Breakfast: Our Way

It was a nice, relaxing Sunday morning and like usual American Breakfast will pop up in our mind whenever it is time to 'break-fast'. But we were too lazy to drive out just breakfast, and also having a nice plate of American Breakfast outside is not cheap. Like in Decanter it is RM 17.

And so we were thinking of making our own version of American Breakfast aka MeiChi Breakfast... ^^

The 'God' of all breakfast: Pork Bacon and Sausage. I bought the bacon chips from Jusco at RM 6+ and Nutriplus sausage.

The lonely bread and scrambled eggs without the meat's companion. Here I'm using burger breads cos that's the only option I have.

Sausage. checked. Bacon. checked. Breads. checked. Eggs. checked. Hmm..I wonder what's missing.

Ahh...that's it...some tomatoes..

Ta-dah... 2 plates of completed American Breakfast made by meichi. Pay me Rm17 x 2, it will be RM34.. Expensive? NO!! Jarrod & Rawlins are charging RM 38 for their Big Breakfast. Heh...so now you know how to make an affordable and tasty Big American Breakfast on your own.

I wonder how much calorie is this breakfast? Nevermind.. Hope you enjoy this hearty Big Breakfast recipe...

Ending the post with 2 happy faces with the breakfast I prepared..lol...sorry for the poor editing...it is only for fun...so don't judge me!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nadeje Mille Crepe Malacca ♥♥

Nothing much to be said again about this super famous Mille Crepe Cake @ Malacca, located at the roof level of Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. I had blogged on this in the past, here's the link. Almost everytime I visit Malacca, we will pay a visit to Nadeje. My sis is a fan of Nadeje Patisserie.

The shop is always full of people. Seats are also very limited. When can I have my own shop with such crowd...

One of their strategy to keep customer coming back...hmm...how can I apply this strategy to my blog, to keep reader coming back for more? *thinking

Our drinks. We usually will order beverages with Yakult. The one in pink is pink guava with yakult if I'm not wrong.

OMG sweetness...especially the free slice: Gula Melaka Flavored Mille Crepe.

Different angle of one of my favorite cake. It is some 'nut' mille crepe, is it walnut? peanut? pecan? I forgot. But when you bite into the cake you can taste bits of nuts. Also, an extra piece of chocolate on top of the cake.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe. Yum-yum. But the cream-balls on top of it is fattening...argghh...my diet...

The shop:

Nadeje Patisserie,
UB-051, 052, 053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka.
Operating hours : 10am until 10.30pm.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

RIP Jack's Place @ 1U

Jack's Place is one of the restaurant I'll 1st think of when I'm hungry, especially during lunch. Why? It is because of their set lunch...very affordable..I remembered I had their lunch at RM13+ for a full 3-course. But the last time I went I learn that they are closing down their last branch in Malaysia @ 1 Utama. (or perhaps they are already closed down last week, their last operating day is on 30th June 2011)

So, no more affordable, filling lunch for me anymore. As to pay respect to Jack's Place, we had our lunch in the restaurant few days before its' closing. The 2 of us went and the total bill is RM 36, inclusive of tax, cheap right and it is on Saturday. We had their Seafood Au Gratin and Grilled Chicken with Fried Mushroom.

Their food quality has dropped since my last visit, maybe its due to them closing soon. But who cares, Jack's Place are no longer in Malaysia. But Jack's Place in Singapore are still standing strong. Maybe I'll pay them a visit on my next Singapore trip. Enough of rambling. Let the pichas do the talking.

Carrot Soup & Garlic Bread

Rich, creamy texture.


Seafood Au Gratin: Very cheesy, with 2 piece of white fish fillet, a few crabsticks and 2 shrimp. A bit too salty or shall I say uneven saltiness. Again, maybe the chef does not have the heart to cook knowing the restaurant is closing.

Grilled Chicken: The chicken is tasteless and the sauce is a bit weird. The fried mushrooms are oily. (Refer to the above pic's explanation)

Dessert & Coffee

Mango Pudding and my cup of black coffee.

I'll be missing Jack's Place.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

✈ Redang Trip: Sun,Sand,Sea

Yeah...celebration!! After  years and years of studying...I am at last a free bird..no more assignments, no more lame lecturers. no more 'barred' from exam, no more boring tutors... bye-bye UTAR ... and on the brighter side Graduation Trip ..

Yeah...after months of planning.. we had decided on Redang Island... From HK to Bali to Redang.. T.T
PTPTN should pay us more on our final semester loR...cause last semester must got trip ma...

We took an 8 hours bus trip from KL to Kuala Terrenganu.. Did not want to take bus, but left with no choice cause money not enough.

If you didn't know, buses to east Malaysia are only available at Hentian Putra.A few of us while waiting for the bus to arrive. We took Transnasional. No choice because other bus company does not have the departure time that we wanted.

We reached Kuala Terrenganu at about 6 in the morning. And the scheduled boat to the island is not until 9 am. Thus, we had some nasi lemak at the bus station. A van arrived at 7 and took us to the jetty. Journey is around 45 mins.

The jetty to Redang Bay Resort is old and shabby compared to Redang Beach Resort and those of Laguna Redang. I went Redang Beach Resort during my last trip to Redang. Redang Bay is cheaper compared to the other 2 mentioned.. We paid RM706 per person for 4D/3N, twin sharing. Inclusive of bus, boat, accommodation and food.

The room is quite basic. With a queen sized bed and a single bed. Bathroom, toilet, dressing table, cupboard, but no TV. How sad. The room is clean and I loved that the twin sharing rooms are in rows of chalet type houses. The resort also has a swimming pool but I do not advised any living being to be in it, as it is cloudy and dirty. It looks more like a fish tank than a pool.

Redang Bay provides 4 meals, from breakfast, lunch, teatime to dinner. But almost all resorts in Redang provides the same. Redang Bay practices buffet style/eat-all-you-can.


Not much varieties for breakfast: fried noodles (beehun/kuew teow/mee), porridge w sides (fried anchovies/ green onion/pickles), toast bread, steamed pau, juice, coffee, tea. 


Lunch is ok. They have fish, chicken, vegies, duck meat, random fried stuffs served with rice. Nothing fancy about the lunch. Just to keep you fuelled for the snorkelling activities.


BBQ Dinner

All the foods served are just plain ok, nothing go crazy about.But the view from the restaurant is magnificent.

We also spotted the Miss UTAR photo shooting going on around Laguna Redang..ROFL....

Happy moments end fast. And now everyone is busy-ing in finding job. So, good bye to UTAR Broadcasting T3. Till we meet. Good luck and buhbye everyone!!

Also, a note to myself DIET, diet and Diet, or else all my bikinis need to be thrown away T.T

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maid Cafe @ Cineleisure

I had always wanted to visit the Maid cafe aka Meido Cafe メイドカフェ after watching numerous TV shows that promotes it. All the servants that are shown on screen are cute, sexy and pretty, also not to mention, possess a 'devil's body'.

The Maid Cafe is like a dream come true for the male otaku. Also, I had also thought that being into a Maid Cafe can only be my dream, because it will take me quite a time to earn enough to visit Japan. Plus, I find it quite embarrassing for a girl to visit a Maid Cafe.

One fine day, I decided to pay a visit to the newly opened authentic Maid Cafe located at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. At least that's what they say in their website.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly waitress, but too bad, we are not allowed to snap their photos. The exterior is mainly in pink and white, I likey ♥ ..

All the time we were there, there are not many patrons, and the waitress seems to be free, walking around and chatting with us. Also 1 of them actually carry the below bear and walks around.

Poor teddy. Saw the servant? Yeah, it is the one with the red hat, I did not capture her on purpose, she just randomly walks in to the picture while I was capturing.

Myself hugging the kawaii pillow while sitting on the comfortable sofa seating.

The cute menu.

The services available. We did not try any of them as we we running out of time. But awkward le the spoon feed, the boy asked no hand to eat ourself meh...haha...maybe in front of me that's why he said that..hmmphh..

There are not many choices of food available here though. Below is some of the items available which I snapped from their menu.

Prices of food ranges from RM16-RM 24. They serve Japanese over there. I really wanted to try their kawaii bento, but the Wednesday bento does not interest me. T.T

Ok...enough of talking, it's food-time:

First to arrived is our dessert: Chocolate Snow Flake, forget to inform them to serve it after the mains. Thus, at the end it melted, but at that time there is only 1/4 left. So, I guess it is ok. There is a generous amount of nuts and choco chips. Loved the soft ice. They served it with strawberry flavor love letter. I think this cost RM 9.90 ? I can't remember.

Chicken Spaghetti, RM 19.90. There is 3 sauce that you can choose from : mushroom, BBQ and Black Pepper. We opt for the mushroom. No real chicken present in this dish, only chicken ham, I presume. The pasta is ok, the sauce is flavorful, but unlike those we have in the western restaurants where the sauce are creamier.

And lastly, my Salmon Fish Ball served with Japanese Fried Rice, RM 19.90. Nothing special about this dish. Normal fried rice with fishball, only difference is it is salmon fish ball. I think this is quite pricey. The food does not serve the price tag.  Should have order the Curry Rice- from the banner the curry rice is served in a heart shape bowl.

A pair of bullet train chopstick. Cute not?

Overall, I loved the dining experience at Tenshi Cafe. The price is ok for a themed restaurant, will be visiting the cafe again soon enough to try the kawaii bento and the curry rice. The waitress there are very friendly. They even chatted with us, although it was quite random, and we do not know how to reply to her.

Other photos I took that day:


Tenshi no Cafe
LG18, e@Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Outfit of the day: Maxi from forever 21, belt from Singapore, Vintage Satchel from f block. Ignore the picture quality.. ^^

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