Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jarrod & Rawlins

Went Jarrod & Rawlins the other day for dinner. The restaurant is located at Damansara Height which is not really that far from Sunway, but it took us about an hour to reached due to traffic jam.

SS in the car.

My outfit of the day, bought this at Forever 21 @ RM59. We parked at the office building opposite Jarrod & Rawlins, rate is RM3 per entry after 5pm.

Reached the banglo, ehh the restaurant at last ..

The table's deco.

Pick your favorite meat from the deli counter: bacons, sausages, pork ribs, beef, hams...then your sauce, sides and they will prepare it for you. The meats is charged according to its weight.

Our drinks : Appletiser (sparkling juice), RM 11.50, chocolate milk shake RM 12.

Posing with the Apple-tiser while waiting for our food to arrive.

My mushroom & bacon carbonara linguini, RM 27. Very creamy indeed and quite big portion, should have order the sandwiches, did not do research on the restaurant first, thus unsure of what to order, and make the wrong choice. T.T. The linguini is tasty nonetheless, but must be shared.

Meats from the deli counter. Pork Ribs, RM 18.22, Dynamite chicken sausage, RM 4.84, Onion gravy RM 2 and the baked potato RM 8. Everything total up is RM 33.06. Much worthy than my pasta.

The pork chop is very tender and juicy, served together with a piece of big fat skin, but both of us dislikes fatty skin, thus a few grams wasted. The sausage is too spicy, we shall try the other sausages during our next visit. The onion gravy is just like ordinary gravy with a few piece of onion. There is also complimentary sauce, you can choose from : English/Djon mustard, HP (i duno what is this), mayo, tomato, cranberry, apple, wasabi, tobasco.

After the eating, we rover around the suppose-to-be relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is quite noisy, but the noise is still acceptable.Alot of people, i supposed they are having their xmas dinner. Afterall, it is a good experience, will definitely drop by again for the meatssss.


bacterium said...

nice place you went there. the servings looks so huge! did you finish it alone?

Is that an apple juice + sparkling water? I thought usually sparkling water will be evian or pellegrini.

Cheers yo.

jfook said...

Wow nice food...=D

SiMon Har said...

RM18.22 and RM4.84? why the price so weird 1? or they include tax? XD

meichi said...

bacterium: thks for the visit.. *paiseh* yeah..i finish it all by myself sparkling apple juice..

jfook: thks n__n

Simon: cos the price is according to the weight, hence the weird prices.. n__n

Philip Khor said...

yeah looks nice

CzChooi said...

im hungry noowwww.. droollzzz***

meichi said...

thanks for visiting n__n

Melvino said...

This place has really great food.. Read abt it somewhere!

JLean said...

Wow, very nice meal there .. Nice pics. =)

meichi said...

melvino: yeah...gr8 meats..
jlean: thks ;p

YuhJiun said...

o.O nice place! I love houses at damansara height there :D

kuromeowiie said...

like so tasty whei~^^

meichi said...

yuhjiun: ppl's house..wonder when can i own 1..
kuro: yeah..its

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