Nadeje Mille Crepe Malacca ♥♥

Nothing much to be said again about this super famous Mille Crepe Cake @ Malacca, located at the roof level of Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. I had blogged on this in the past, here's the link. Almost everytime I visit Malacca, we will pay a visit to Nadeje. My sis is a fan of Nadeje Patisserie.

The shop is always full of people. Seats are also very limited. When can I have my own shop with such crowd...

One of their strategy to keep customer coming can I apply this strategy to my blog, to keep reader coming back for more? *thinking

Our drinks. We usually will order beverages with Yakult. The one in pink is pink guava with yakult if I'm not wrong.

OMG sweetness...especially the free slice: Gula Melaka Flavored Mille Crepe.

Different angle of one of my favorite cake. It is some 'nut' mille crepe, is it walnut? peanut? pecan? I forgot. But when you bite into the cake you can taste bits of nuts. Also, an extra piece of chocolate on top of the cake.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe. Yum-yum. But the cream-balls on top of it is diet...

The shop:

Nadeje Patisserie,
UB-051, 052, 053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka.
Operating hours : 10am until 10.30pm.

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  1. omg :D look at those cakes >.< I bet they taste GOOD~

  2. Awwww! How i wish i could go to Malacca just to try the cakes ><

  3. everytime see blog posts about nadeje.. but havent gone there also.. lol

  4. No need. KL also have and the best one according to many bloggers.

    Just visit!


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