Authentic Malacca Wantan Mee

This Wan Tan Mee or Wonton Noodles, whichever you'll like to call it, is a must have whenever one travels to Malacca. Or at least a must haves for me. I may not be a person who love wan tan mee, or should I say I dislike wan tan mee, because I just hated the taste of the noodle. But this stall here in Malacca is one of my love. Let's not talk any further. Here, I present you...*drum rollsss...

This plate changes my perception towards Wan Tan Mee. I can no longer go around and tell people that I hate wan tan Mee because no matter how I dislike Wantan mee, I loved the one prepared in this stall. One plate of the wan tan mee cost RM 3.50. The one you saw in the picture is RM 4, added with roasted pork, yummy...

Long-long noodles. What makes this plate different is that the sauce consist of chilli and oil, rather than the usual dark soy sauce. I like the fact that it is not charcoal-black like those we have here.

Look at the shine which emits from the noodles. So oily, yet so tasty.

But for those who dislike their noodles to be too soft and soggy, I will not recommend this. As for me, I find it ok, as I loved the taste of it.

Extra servings of wan tan in soup. Look at the oil on the surface.

The god of all wan tan mee sauce, which makes the noodles here taste heavenly. Ok. I'll reveal the stall now for whoever interested to give this a try.

The genius behind the wan tan mee. The stall operates only at night, from 8.30pm to 1am. For dieters like me, you'll need to forfeit your diet for a day.

This shop is where the stall are located. I think it is located somewhere in Bukit Cina or Off Jalan Temenggong. Oh yeah..I personally may be loving this wan tan mee to the max, but it really depends on personal liking. So, tell me how it taste, if you happen to stop by at the place.

Also be prepared to wait for at least 15-30 mins, especially during weekends and public holiday, as the crowd can get really crazy huge.And this Wan Tan Mee is recommend by fellow food blogger, non other than  Jasonmumbles.

Other than Wan Tan Mee, they also have ermm chicken feet noodles, curry mee, and etc.. you'll have to explore it yourself. Right now, I'm still crazy over the wan tan mee to even try other stuffs there.

Cheerios!! 88...


  1. I think I have tried this before long time ago but I don't remember if it is that good. Too many different variations of wan tan mee, hard to say which is the best. What's with you and Malacca? Can you promote some other places food?

  2. yummy~ looks so yummy~ the wantan looks so smooth... *saliva is dripping* *slurp*

  3. Bacterium: i dun tink der is nitin wrong with her n malacca.. I bliv she posted randomly.. If u r looking for certain food, go look at the other places.. Dis is her blog n she have da freedom to post wateva she wan.. Pls enjoy da blogger's effort rather than complaining..

  4. Still looks yummy even tough it looks quite oily :P ! Gotta try it someday !

  5. Thks anonymous: >.^ , also @memories and @ queennie


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