Japan Honeymoon: Day 2 - Hakone (Part 2)

As we are trying for baby, we went to the famous Baby Tree at Hakone Jinja Shrine. After reading about how Cheeserland and QiuQiu touched the tree and got pregnant, we die2 have to go and touch also..but alas, I only have food tummy post 6 months of touching the tree :(

We alighted at Motohakone-Ko and walked for approx. 10mins to Hakone Jinja Shrine.

There is a place for you to wash your hands before entering the shrine, I think you start with holding the ladle with your right hand, then pour the water to your left, then switch and lastly use your right hand to wash your mouth. Voila, instructions from a noob :)

Another flight of stairs to reach the baby wishing tree...

Another wash before the mighty tree..

BEHOLD...the mighty 'Baby Wishing Tree'...

Looks just like an ordinary old tree, but I supposed we did not managed to absorb the 'baby making power' from the tree.

After purchasing some amulets, we went to tour the place. Zen is the only word to describe the place. 

Overlooking Lake Ashi.

Overall, both of us really love the place a lot as it is really peaceful and beautiful, will definitely be visiting again!

We rushed back to our Hotel - Mount View Hakone for dinner.

Dinner spread wasn't impressive, there was udon, sashimi, crab claw, tofu, fish, rice and some veges. But I guess for RM990+ per night, it was ok as there's dinner+breakfast+futon bed :)

Fresh sashimi for dinner.

We prepared for our private onsen (hot spring) session, priced at 2000yen (RM76).

There's a nice view from the open onsen. The tub is basically a small round tub with milky hot spring water. The water was hot, but with the wind blowing, you will get used to the temperature very soon.

Breakfast the next day. Loved the pork sausage, crab soup and the coffee...

The ryokan was spacious with nice fluffy futon beds. The only cons is there wasn't any shower in the room, so we had to go to the public hot spring on the Lobby level.

Apart from the public hot spring, there is also a private hot spring for family (no charge), and the difference with those that you have to pay is that there is no view. So, use the onsen as much as you can during your stay!

And that's the end of our Hakone 2d1n trip. We will definitely include Hakone in our next trip to Japan again, or at least any other place in Japan with Ryokan + hot spring experience!


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