Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nasi Lemak from Singapore

I used to think that singapore food doesnt taste as good as the locals..but not till i have tasted this nasi lemak...othr than this nasi lemak...i also loved sg's old Chang Kee Currypuff, tori Q's yakitori...just to mention a few...haha...conclusion is I think that sg-made food is not that bad aftr all...

The nasi lemak is bout S$3 i think...cant really remember...the last time i had it was like months ago...They sold these nasi lemak at a corner in Tampines Mall... They do not provide seats there. I guess they cater more for delivery and tapao..

The rice tasted so good..together with the chicken pieces, sambal...but the fish cake is abit oily. If you dislike eating chic, you can also opt for the fried shrimp or the fried fish nasi lemak.


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