Tuesday, July 19, 2011

American Breakfast: Our Way

It was a nice, relaxing Sunday morning and like usual American Breakfast will pop up in our mind whenever it is time to 'break-fast'. But we were too lazy to drive out just breakfast, and also having a nice plate of American Breakfast outside is not cheap. Like in Decanter it is RM 17.

And so we were thinking of making our own version of American Breakfast aka MeiChi Breakfast... ^^

The 'God' of all breakfast: Pork Bacon and Sausage. I bought the bacon chips from Jusco at RM 6+ and Nutriplus sausage.

The lonely bread and scrambled eggs without the meat's companion. Here I'm using burger breads cos that's the only option I have.

Sausage. checked. Bacon. checked. Breads. checked. Eggs. checked. Hmm..I wonder what's missing.

Ahh...that's it...some tomatoes..

Ta-dah... 2 plates of completed American Breakfast made by meichi. Pay me Rm17 x 2, it will be RM34.. Expensive? NO!! Jarrod & Rawlins are charging RM 38 for their Big Breakfast. Heh...so now you know how to make an affordable and tasty Big American Breakfast on your own.

I wonder how much calorie is this breakfast? Nevermind.. Hope you enjoy this hearty Big Breakfast recipe...

Ending the post with 2 happy faces with the breakfast I prepared..lol...sorry for the poor editing...it is only for fun...so don't judge me!!


ken said...

nicely done.. and saves money too right? can earn alot from RM17 a plate.. hehe.. :)

meichi said...

@ken: lol...yeah...saves alot...so..u wana buy?

Pou Leen said...

LOL at "Happy Faces"

Then again, anything with bacon makes me happy =)

meichi said...

@pouleen hehe...

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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