Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland 1

I'm back....with almost 2 months of not updating but nothing much happened lately except with the 2 newly open mall, Setia City Mall and Paradigm. Life still goes on as usual, with bored-to-death job from Mon-Fri, and the always-not-enough weekend. Thus, I have been ignoring this blog of mine....Gomen..

I'm going to continue on the long past Japan trip, where this time I'll be sharing pictures from Tokyo Disneyland ♥♥

Mickey train...Mickey Resort...everything Mickey (I'm missing my super-long hair....sobss)

It was November when we visited Tokyo Disneyland and we were told that it would be quite chilly as the theme park is located near the sea. And so for a person like me who loves the 'zero' temperature, it's time to layer up.

The ride from our hotel to the park is almost an hour *yawn...  but it's worth it....

The different tickets available and it's prices (fyi, it's almost RM250 for an Adult tix)

1st look of Cinderella castle...My heart melted when I saw this...hmm...altho it's quite similar to the one in Universal Studio..hey...but this is's Japan..

So cute....You can see so many of this cute-ness around the park....The park is targetted to kids so young, it's making me feel old and out-of-place...but hey...I'm young at heart...

Look the Three-Eyed Alien, I wanna pose with them too...ehh....but those who are queuing are all primary kids and below...arghh....*next time*...

Parking bays for's so convenient the next time I'm gonna bring my baby here too....=.=

We tried on so many of the Disney characters hat, but we did not buy a single one (regretted la wei....)

The weather that day was quite hot, I swear I even sweat and I had to take off my jacket. The crowd is huge although on weekdays (if I did not remember wrongly) , thus we did not queue for any ride, we just walked around and took tons of pictures.

Will upload more pictures on my next post....Nitey nite!!


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