Thursday, June 16, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore 2011: USS 2011

Went Universal Studio Singapore- USS the other day. The USS ticket pricing is S$72/adult for weekends. Convert back to our humble RM, it would be about 160+ per pax. Very expensive lo..but then its my 1st time to a themed theme park...sounds weird...

I had only been to Sunway Lagoon and my next destination will be Disneyland, I will start off with the one in HK, then Japan, then California ( yeah..keep on dreaming)

Universal's trademark globe. Did not manage to take a good picture of me with it...too many people...hate crowds.

There are a total of 7 different themes available in the park and I love Far Far Away and Ancient Egypt the most. Far Far Away is where all your dreams come true, with castles, Fairy Godmothers but the attractions there focus mainly on Shrek.

Enough of talking, let the photos do the talking.

Hollywood & New York @ USS

*Must watch show in New York is 'Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg'

Betty Boop with her funny hair.

Big Yellow Cab, let me in, Dam it!!

Awkward looking Charlie Chaplin with his 2 pretty assistant *shy*

Such punchable tummy: Kungfu Panda

Excuse me duckie/birdie...may I know your name?

And that's the end of Hollywood & New York, no rides here only souvenir shops, restaurants and shows.

Next up: Sci-Fi City

This is where the famous attraction are located, Battlestar Galactica: Cylon and Human. Be prepared to wait for at least half and hour or more before your turn reach.

Look at the twisted-sick-looking track of the must-try-atrraction in USS: Battlestar Galactica. Did I try? Are you kidding me? After paying S$72....of course...*ehem* I did not try...I still want to live to see the castles in land of Far Far Away.

Some scary looking alien in tight outfits.

Ancient Egypt

Located right next to Sci-Fi, there is also a must-try: Revenge of the Mummy, which I did not try again * regret to the max*

Visitors are not allowed to bring their bag while riding the attractions, thus lockers are provided for free next to each rides.

Brendan Fraser look-alike...I look uneasy here...shall improve on my posing...

Egypt Princess with wash board abs...*envy*

Good looking, muscular Ancient Warrior

Messing around in

Leng Lui with pretty castle view in the background.

The Lost World

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a must ride which got me drenched in water in and out....

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: It may look like a harmless river cruise ride but it makes my clothing all soak in water. If you want to try the ride, please bring extra clothing, including undies. But I think I'm the unlucky one, I got the most water among the 7 of us. T.T

Also, we waited 1 hour for our turn to reach.

Waterworld: Live, explosive water show, re-enactment of the 1995 movie 'Waterworld'.

Then we got a little bit hungry.

Everything in the menu is so damn expensive. And so, we only had...

Nachos with Japaleno Cheese, S$5.50. When you are too hungry, you will not be able to differentiate whether or not it is delicious and that's what I'm kidding...the nachos is normal but I'll prefer if its dipping is tomato salsa..yummy...

Hot Dog with soft bread...this is something that needs improvement...the hot dog is ok, but the bread is a no-no. It feels like the bread had been soaked in water, my guess is that they boil the hot dog in water and before the water dried up, they already place it in between the bread. No mayo, mustard, only a packet of ketchup.

Far Far Away

♥♥ A land where all couples live happily ever after ...  ♥♥

Lastly, Madagascar 

Not much photos here...we missed the famous ride here which is Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.. after lining up for about 45 minutes we heard a loud 'BANG' sound, and we were told there is technical problem and the ride won't be operating till the next one hour. T.T Bad Day

Dinner @ USS

Then we had dinner outside of Universal Studio as the foods sold in USS is too expensive. We went to ruyi for some affordable dinner. The space in the restaurant is very limited.

From l-r: Fried Rice, Tofu with minced meat rice, Fried noodles.

Food is ok, I think the fried rice and noodles are not freshly prepared and it is reheated with microwave , price affordable. All foods are served in a paper cup/bucket.


The reason why we stayed in till so late is for this:

The fireworks is quite disappointing and also I'm not good in taking fireworks...can anyone please teach me how to do it, to capture great fireworks photos? I'm using Olympus ePL1/ Olympus PEN.

Below is some fireworks photo I wish to achieve ( photo courtesy of

Argghh...all is so beautiful...I wana take photos like this...any experts out there willing to teach me?


XhEeMuN said...
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Anonymous said...

Get a good DSLR to catch a firework...shuttle speed higher up, aperture lower with flash...


meichi said...

lol...yes...xm shifu...

meichi said...

xm ar...shutter speed i tot need slow?

Anonymous said...

is it??? then i think i kena tipu by JS liao...hahaha...i found a useful website for catching firework tips...

and this...

I also want to buy a DSLR to 'yin gao yin gao' but $$$ tak de...


meichi said...

lol....js is correct mentioning shutter speed up it means to make it longer/slower..

u work d den gt $$$ lo...hahas

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Nicee :) (Y)

Budak Botak said...

Hope can go there someday. He3...

meichi said...

yeeing: ths ^^
budak botak: sure you can ^^

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