Monday, July 11, 2011

RIP Jack's Place @ 1U

Jack's Place is one of the restaurant I'll 1st think of when I'm hungry, especially during lunch. Why? It is because of their set lunch...very affordable..I remembered I had their lunch at RM13+ for a full 3-course. But the last time I went I learn that they are closing down their last branch in Malaysia @ 1 Utama. (or perhaps they are already closed down last week, their last operating day is on 30th June 2011)

So, no more affordable, filling lunch for me anymore. As to pay respect to Jack's Place, we had our lunch in the restaurant few days before its' closing. The 2 of us went and the total bill is RM 36, inclusive of tax, cheap right and it is on Saturday. We had their Seafood Au Gratin and Grilled Chicken with Fried Mushroom.

Their food quality has dropped since my last visit, maybe its due to them closing soon. But who cares, Jack's Place are no longer in Malaysia. But Jack's Place in Singapore are still standing strong. Maybe I'll pay them a visit on my next Singapore trip. Enough of rambling. Let the pichas do the talking.

Carrot Soup & Garlic Bread

Rich, creamy texture.


Seafood Au Gratin: Very cheesy, with 2 piece of white fish fillet, a few crabsticks and 2 shrimp. A bit too salty or shall I say uneven saltiness. Again, maybe the chef does not have the heart to cook knowing the restaurant is closing.

Grilled Chicken: The chicken is tasteless and the sauce is a bit weird. The fried mushrooms are oily. (Refer to the above pic's explanation)

Dessert & Coffee

Mango Pudding and my cup of black coffee.

I'll be missing Jack's Place.

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bacterium said...

It's no longer there? Aww. It has been ages since we last went to 1U. But I did get to try that once before. Not bad. Strange why they wind down the business here.

meichi said...

@bacterium yeah...its no longer there... their pricing n foods are all ok...i just dun und why...

Queennie said...

So cheapp????

Agnes Sim said...

smile on ur adv liao.. :p
thanks for the visiting! Have a nice day!

JoinMe said...

Hi meichi
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

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