Friday, July 22, 2011

Crispy Roasted Pork @ Malacca

Craving for some crispy roasted pork and sweet char siew? The stall selling this plate of rice shares the same stall with the famous 'Boon Leong Fried Oyster' which operates at night, whilst the crispy roasted pork stall operates in the am. I'm not sure of the operating hours but it was 11 in the morning when I visited the stall and there are still plenty of meats available.

Sorry ar, taukeh.. that piece of pork is too huge it covers your face.

The boss is so buzy chopping and slicing, all the time when we were there. Although there are not many eat-in customers but there are definitely a lot of take-aways.

Other than selling chickens, pork, the stall also sells fried eggs, cabbage and kang kong..talking about being healthy.

The fried eggs. What make the meat rice here different from the one we have in Klang Valley is that, the rice is served with curry gravy and bean sauce. You can also request for a bowl of the curry gravy to be eaten with the egg.

The char siew served here is a no-fatty, unlike those in 'Meng Kee Char Siew'. Both of the char siew I love, but I prefer the one in Meng Kee, will do a post on it asap...

The star food here is the roasted pork.

Look at the fats in between the meats, making it juicy and moisture. Since the fats is thin, you just can't separate it from the meats. The skin is ultra crispy, you can hear the 'crispyness' when you bite into it.

Some cabbage to wash all the fats...although non-logical, but at least that's how most people think. ^^

We had a plate of charsiew+roasted pork rice, fried egg and another extra roasted pork for RM12.

For those who wanted to have a bite into this crispy roasted pork, here's the address:

Medan Makan Bunga Raya Boon Leong
Jalan Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka


Chris said...

wow..nice one..hehe. feel hungry after saw this

ken said...

soon i can have my dinner edy.. hehe :P

Thristhan said...

I've been to Malacca quite a number of times, but didn't really see this place there. Looks good though.

Nava.K said...

I will die for the crispy roasted pork although I know how unhealthy it can be.

Queennie said...

Aww ! The roasted pork look so crispy !!!

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