Thursday, June 30, 2011

KFC Ole Pocketful

It is lunch time again. What? KFC? But I'm on diet. I can't have fried chicken. I have a bet on hand and I must lose that extra weight. Also, I do not wish to have my hand oily by eating chicken. How how? Oh yeah, there's a new advertisement I saw on TV.. the 'ole' KFC twister look-alike.

This is it. I have the a-la carte from RM6.80 before tax. The set comes with one regular potato wedges and one regular 7-up. Since I’m on a diet, I did not want to have the extra wedges and soft drinks. Plus, I have no need to save money.

To my surprise, the Ole Pocketful is very large. It is bigger than the size of my palm. And there goes my diet. Nevermind, ‘tomorrow only diet’. The fillings in the tortilla wrap: Tender Zinger Fillet, diced tomatoes, crunchy corn chios, juicy pineapples, cheese, Mexcano sauce.

My opinion of KFC Ole Pocketful: serving is a bit large for someone on diet, for normal people (girls who are not on diet, it is quite filling), I can’t really taste the tomato: I guess it’s because the Mexcano sauce is too strong in taste, the sauce is good, but the sauce basically covers all the other ingredient’s taste. Although there is cheese in it, I can’t really taste it. I loved the Zinger fillet though, crispy and when eaten with the tortilla wrap, you can’t really feel the oiliness.

I read somewhere that 30th June is the last day for this KFC Ole Pocketful promotion. Is it? Nevermind, there is this FB contest/game from 27/6-17/7 , where you can win yourself trips to places like Sabah, Redang and Perhentian. Click here to play. The game is so easy; a noob like me can play. The best thing about this contest is that you do not have to have any proof of purchase to join.

Enough of talking, I gonna go play the Ole Wave Contest to win myself some prizes. Wish me luck!!

Oh..also follow this blog if ya like it...million of thanks !!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I ♥ Rosti @ Marche

My last visit to Marche in The Curve Mutiara Damansara had make me fall in love with a potato dish named Rosti. Rosti is a Swiss dish and it tasted very much like hash brown. But I personally prefer rosti to hash brown.

I'm gonna talk a bit on my visit to Marche Movenpick. It was about 10pm that time and the boy felt hungry. Thus, we decided to have our supper in Marche. Upon entering the shop, each customer will be given a piece of order card.

There is different stalls selling rosti, pasta, pizza, vegetables, salad, soup, dessert and so on . Every time you order your food, you will need to pass the order card to be stamp. Everything here is self service. It is very much like the concept of food court/ marketplace.

We ordered the Seafood Fusilli and Swiss Rosti. The fusilli comes with 6 big prawns and a generous serving of white button mushrooms. The chocolate shake is also my favourite. With a strong choco taste and ice cold, just right for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

The pizza is also a must try. Freshly baked pizza with its fresh and generous amount of its toppings. Chezzy!!

Argghh...just realised that this promotion has ended... *cry but hopefully they will have this promotion again in the future *prays..

Ok..enough of Marche promoting...back to my post. Since I had declared my ♥ for rosti since the beginning of the post. I'm gonna teach all of you how to make your own rosti.

Rosti Making

1. Have some potatoes on hand.

2. Let the potato enjoy in some hot boiling water, like I did in Taiwan Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring .. ;p Boil it till the potatoes are soft.

3. Peel off the potato skin.

4. Grate the potatoes with a grater. duh! My 'meichi rosti' failed at this step because meichi's house does not have a grater...sad T.T

I then add some salt and pepper to the 'grated' potato. You can even add mayonnaise.

This is how a grater looks like for those who doesn't know.

Image taken from here

5. Heat the frying pan and melt some butter to 'lubricate' the pan. Fry till the grated potato are crispy on on side, which is about 8-10 minutes, then flip the rosti with the help of a plate. How: Slide the rosti off the pan to a plate then put it back on the pan. This is to ensure that the rosti doesn't break.

6. My version of rosti. Although all of the potatoes doesn't stick, but it still tasted yummy...

I have my rosti together with citrus mayo- I love the combination a bit of lime-y taste and creamy mayo, yummy. You guys can also opt for sour cream or the rosti can even be eaten as it is.

Hopefully the next time I make my rosti, I'll have a grater by my side...Have fun making your own rosti.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicken Chop: Hainanese Style @ Sin Kok Thye

Where else can you get a chicken chop for less than RM10 now?

Sin Kok Thye Coffee Shop is located on Jalan Kem in Port Klang. The row of shop look old from the outside and most of the shops in the same row are closed. It looks like a row of life-less shop. But when you are in the coffee shop, your perception will change as the shop are full with customers.

The must-try is the Hainanese Chicken Chop, lightly seasoned-fried chicken breast served in sweet and sour tomato sauce. I bet your saliva are dripping now.

The Hainanese Chicken Chop, at RM 7.50. Fried chicken breast served in tomato sauce, with potato, quarter fresh tomato and green peas.

The sour-ish tomato sauce is very appetizing and the chicken are just nice, not overly battered.

The outlook of it may not be very presentable but taste-wise it is good.Also my I-phone does not do the chicken chop justice.

We also had the 'Bread Fried Egg'. It is actually 2 pieces of Hainan white bread covered in egg and then fried. There is a funny story when we ordered this bread. We asked for french toast and the impolite lady ' Ha' loudly, as she does not understand. And so, we pointed to the table which is having the bread, she then shouted loudly " Bread Fried Egg is it" in hokkien. Making us felt so embarrassed for wanting to order French Toast in kopitiam.

Apart from being soft and oily, there's nothing special from this piece of fried bread.

Half-boiled eggs.

Is this even half-boiled. We then requested for a new one and to our disappointment, it came back too raw. T.T... so don't order half-boiled eggs in Sin Kok Thye.

My fried rice, RM 5.50. One word 'Yummy' . But some bites are saltier, rice are not fried evenly, the cook is too old?

There is prawn, chicken, eggs, onions, fish cakes...all sorts of things in the rice. The portion of the fried rice is huge. Share it with other people to avoid food wastage.

Other foods available: Fish chop, Lamb Chop, Hailam Mee, Fried Noodles. (all-halal)

With the varieties served here, you will not be out of choice every time you dine here. Have a cup of their famous coffee or tea to go with your food and things will never go wrong.


Sin Kok Thye Coffee Shop
23, Jalan Kem
Port Klang.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Makan-Makan in Singapore

Living in Malaysia, we are blessed with many types of different foods from different cultures such as Nasi Lemak, Curry Mee, Bah Kut Teh, Roti Canai, Prawn mee and many more.

A lot of us who went to Singapore will come back with one complaint which is the foods in Singapore is bad/ not tasty. But why? There are also some foods which are good in Singapore.

The Singaporeans prefer foods which are milder in taste, also less salty and less dark soy sauce. Unlike the Singaporeans, we Malaysians love foods which are very strong in taste.

Some of the foods which I had tasted in Singapore and find it not so good is fried carrot cake and fried kuey teow. The Singapore version is sweet, idk why they used sweet sauce to fried them. But as for me I still prefer mine salty. Also maybe because Singaporean are healthier, the foods are less oily. But fried carrot cake and kuey teow will not be successful without oil and most importantly pork lard.

Enough with talking, back to the post, below is some of the foods I had during my last visit. Enjoy!

1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay : Located next to Esplanade Mall Singapore

Singapore Fried Prawn Noodles

This dish is a must-eat every time I visit Singapore. It is the fried version of Penang Prawn Noodles. It is a mixture of yellow noodles and thick rice vermicelli. Best eaten with lime juice and sambal. It is usually served on an opeh leaf  (a form of palm leaf). You guys can try this recipe from

Spaghetti Carbonara and Mushroom Soup

Grilled Pork Belly

The grilled pork belly is very juicy but the skin is a bit hard. It will be better if it is crispier.

That is all we had tried in Makansutra Gluttons Bay. From what I found, one should try the BBQ Sambal Stingray and the Sate.

2. Tori Q Japanese Yakitori stall

Some of the skewered meats from the stall.

Cute illustration of the meat parts.

Tori Q Bento for S$5.60. Japanese steam rice with 4 Japanese Yakitori: 2 chicken, 1 pork, 1 chicken meatballs, seaweeds and their very tasty sauce. I love the meats especially the meatballs also the rice mixed with the sauce. Heaven...

The stall is located in
Takashimaya S.C, Bugis Junction, Paragon, C.K. Tang, Bishan, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point, Ion Orchard and Hougang Mall. All in Singapore. Hopefully they will open a franchise in Malaysia.

3. Lee Wee & Brothers Nasi Lemak

had mention this nasi lemak before in my previous post. I'm just gonna post the pictures up for this entry. They have varieties of lunch box which I'm definitely trying in my next Singapore trip.

4. Bugis Junction's Food Junction

Popiah/ Spring Roll. It has a very strong garlic smell. Prefer popiah by Sisters Crispy Popiah

Some Mango Dessert. Shaved ice with mango cubes, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream. A spoon of this after a walk in Bugis Street is heaven.

Chicken Salmon Teppanyaki. So-so...the sauce tasted abit sweet and salty. 

5. Eating @ Singapore Budget Terminal

A bit different from Malaysia Curry, milder taste, I think they replace coconut milk with fresh milk?

Chicken Shu mai

That's it for my makan journey in Singapore. Ending the post with some cam-whore photos...*blush*

Bye...forgive my nude face. Also 'Follow Me' if you like my blog...♥♥

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore 2011: USS 2011

Went Universal Studio Singapore- USS the other day. The USS ticket pricing is S$72/adult for weekends. Convert back to our humble RM, it would be about 160+ per pax. Very expensive lo..but then its my 1st time to a themed theme park...sounds weird...

I had only been to Sunway Lagoon and my next destination will be Disneyland, I will start off with the one in HK, then Japan, then California ( yeah..keep on dreaming)

Universal's trademark globe. Did not manage to take a good picture of me with it...too many people...hate crowds.

There are a total of 7 different themes available in the park and I love Far Far Away and Ancient Egypt the most. Far Far Away is where all your dreams come true, with castles, Fairy Godmothers but the attractions there focus mainly on Shrek.

Enough of talking, let the photos do the talking.

Hollywood & New York @ USS

*Must watch show in New York is 'Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg'

Betty Boop with her funny hair.

Big Yellow Cab, let me in, Dam it!!

Awkward looking Charlie Chaplin with his 2 pretty assistant *shy*

Such punchable tummy: Kungfu Panda

Excuse me duckie/birdie...may I know your name?

And that's the end of Hollywood & New York, no rides here only souvenir shops, restaurants and shows.

Next up: Sci-Fi City

This is where the famous attraction are located, Battlestar Galactica: Cylon and Human. Be prepared to wait for at least half and hour or more before your turn reach.

Look at the twisted-sick-looking track of the must-try-atrraction in USS: Battlestar Galactica. Did I try? Are you kidding me? After paying S$72....of course...*ehem* I did not try...I still want to live to see the castles in land of Far Far Away.

Some scary looking alien in tight outfits.

Ancient Egypt

Located right next to Sci-Fi, there is also a must-try: Revenge of the Mummy, which I did not try again * regret to the max*

Visitors are not allowed to bring their bag while riding the attractions, thus lockers are provided for free next to each rides.

Brendan Fraser look-alike...I look uneasy here...shall improve on my posing...

Egypt Princess with wash board abs...*envy*

Good looking, muscular Ancient Warrior

Messing around in

Leng Lui with pretty castle view in the background.

The Lost World

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a must ride which got me drenched in water in and out....

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: It may look like a harmless river cruise ride but it makes my clothing all soak in water. If you want to try the ride, please bring extra clothing, including undies. But I think I'm the unlucky one, I got the most water among the 7 of us. T.T

Also, we waited 1 hour for our turn to reach.

Waterworld: Live, explosive water show, re-enactment of the 1995 movie 'Waterworld'.

Then we got a little bit hungry.

Everything in the menu is so damn expensive. And so, we only had...

Nachos with Japaleno Cheese, S$5.50. When you are too hungry, you will not be able to differentiate whether or not it is delicious and that's what I'm kidding...the nachos is normal but I'll prefer if its dipping is tomato salsa..yummy...

Hot Dog with soft bread...this is something that needs improvement...the hot dog is ok, but the bread is a no-no. It feels like the bread had been soaked in water, my guess is that they boil the hot dog in water and before the water dried up, they already place it in between the bread. No mayo, mustard, only a packet of ketchup.

Far Far Away

♥♥ A land where all couples live happily ever after ...  ♥♥

Lastly, Madagascar 

Not much photos here...we missed the famous ride here which is Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.. after lining up for about 45 minutes we heard a loud 'BANG' sound, and we were told there is technical problem and the ride won't be operating till the next one hour. T.T Bad Day

Dinner @ USS

Then we had dinner outside of Universal Studio as the foods sold in USS is too expensive. We went to ruyi for some affordable dinner. The space in the restaurant is very limited.

From l-r: Fried Rice, Tofu with minced meat rice, Fried noodles.

Food is ok, I think the fried rice and noodles are not freshly prepared and it is reheated with microwave , price affordable. All foods are served in a paper cup/bucket.


The reason why we stayed in till so late is for this:

The fireworks is quite disappointing and also I'm not good in taking fireworks...can anyone please teach me how to do it, to capture great fireworks photos? I'm using Olympus ePL1/ Olympus PEN.

Below is some fireworks photo I wish to achieve ( photo courtesy of

Argghh...all is so beautiful...I wana take photos like this...any experts out there willing to teach me?
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