Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taiwan: Xin Beitou Hot Spring & Danshui

After days of walking in Taiwan, we decided to give the body a break.

Our breakfast, Polo Bun-Pineapple bread and some bread.

Then, we took the MRT to Xin Beitou station.

Cute display at the interchange to Xin Beitou.

Kawaii train-in-n-out.

Figured that we reached too early, hence we have a stroll around the quiet town for some nonsense.

Crystal clear, steaming-hot longkang (drain). Where to get in Malaysia.

We're spoilt for choices, as there a plenty of hot spring hotels and resorts for us to choose from. There is the public and also the private ones. As I'm not ready to exhibit my imperfect-fat-body to the world, we settled for the private hot spring.

For the private ones, a room will be given  provided with the hot spring. Rate differs for each hotel, we chose 'Hot Spring Resort', NT$ 1080 for 3 person.

I guess we chose the wrong resort, but for price that low, I guess it is ok. It is basically a room, and you bath in a tub, where you fill it with hot water yourself.

Me, preparing to enjoy the private hot spring.

We take turns to dip in the so-called hot spring. Private hot spring is kinda boring, soaking with nothing to do. But I guess private ones are cater for couples cos condoms are provided in the room. Link, for those who do not know what condom is.

Tea time buffet is also provided FOC.

Then, the DSLR phailed me. So all the below pictures are captured with the smart phone's smart camera.

After, the filling-carbs teatime, we took the MRT to Danshui Night Market- 淡水.

Cutie handmade-chinese zodiac-clay. On the right is our family's version of the clay. CutEee...

阿给老店, Ah Gei Lao Tian. Love the bee hoon, Lu Rou Fried Mee + Beehoon, very tasty oh. The fish ball so-so. Not bouncy, and can barely taste the meat in it. The both cost NT$ 70. 

Fried Tako with steam rice. They did a review of this snack in a Jacky's Wu TV show few years back. Din manage to take a picture of it. The tako is yummy, but I guess we were too hungry, we ate it too fast, I forget its taste. lol. It is actually fried squid with steam rice wrapped in it. You can choose the flavor of the rice, and the people will fry it fresh for you.

That's all for Xin Beitou and Danshui. Did not manage to visit the Danshui's Fisherman's Wharf. * knock on the head*... Gotta pay a visit, next time around.


Nava.K said...

I am sure you had a great time, can see from the pictures, lovely.

Schrodinger Cat said...

Wow, you must have had some great time over there! any pics of Taipei 101 or Taipei's night view?

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