The Baboon House @ Malacca

A cosy, warm cafe located not far away from the busy Jonker Street, The Baboon House is a place to go if you need to escape from the heat and crowd and have a nice cup of coffee with good burgers.

I did not managed to take any pictures of the cafe, but believe me, when you are at the cafe you would not want to leave. 

As usual, we are always on the look for food in the makan city aka Malacca and the sis recommended that we should chill at The Baboon House instead of the usual Wantan Mee, Chicken Rice ball or even Nadeje

Enough of babbling, let's have a look at what we had:

Of course it has to be the burger as it occupied the biggest space on the menu, and as not all of us can take beef, we ordered the pork chop burger instead. My take? The meat is rich in flavour but is lacking on juicy-ness. And if you're a bacon lover, they are not stingy on their bacons.

Aloha Burger (with pork chop) at RM19.90

Look at how thick the burger is. There's the patty, pineapple, veges, and streaky bacon.

Then we also had the Baboon Green Salad at RM14

It is not your average healthy salad, there's bacon, popcorn chicken, toast, apple and cheese. Good if you want something healthy but still need to have some unhealthy-ness..get what I mean? 

As we felt that the popcorn chicken in the Baboon Salad is insufficient for us the meat lover, we ordered additional Popcorn Chicken at RM6.50
At this stage, you would thought that we had enough, as it was only a tea break and not an actual lunch. But of course no, being a tam jiak foodie, we had more:

That day special - Malay Chicken RM 24.90 served with baked potatoes, and avocado+chickpeas+onion + we-are-still-trying-to-figure-out-what-else dressing. We loved the dressing so much we finished it all.

And for dessert, it was also that-day-special cheesecake at RM8.90

Not my liking, as I still prefer my New York cheesecake kind of baked cheesecake compared to chilled cheesecake. Loved the sweet orange top,tho.

Too lazy to caption...

Go experience it yourself at:
No.89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Melaka

Our breakfast on the same day, just the traditional way:


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