Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Japan Honeymoon: Day 2 - Hakone (Part 1)

Woke up early as we need to catch the train to Hakone. Reserved our seats with the JR pass, reserving seats is easy, just walk in to the ticket office and show them your JR pass. There are few different ways to get to Hakone, but since we have the JR Pass, we took the 'by JR way'.

We bought the Hakone Free Pass once we alighted at Odawara. Priced at 4000yen (RM152) / pax, the Free Pass provides unlimited usage of transportation (bus, ship, cable car, train) at Hakone.

We took a bus to our ryokan, Mount View Hotel from Odawara station, journey took about half and hour. And it was a fun uphill ride, with view of foggy forest, it feels like we are on our way to find Totoro :)

We left our luggage at lobby and also reserved for the private open air hot spring, 2000yen (RM76). We wanted to reserve for a better looking one, but it was fully reserved.

We walked down the street, about 5 mins walk to take a bus to the nearest Hakone Tozan Railway.

Pretty-looking flowers on the way to the bus stop.

We had trouble taking the bus, but there was a friendly obasan, although not being able to converse in English, she helped us on the directions and bus to take.

With her help we managed to reach where we wanted to go. Can't remember where we stopped, but our intention is to experience the Hakone Tozan Railway.

Some warm Hot Spring bun @ 110yen

To fully utilised the Hakone Free Pass, we took all mode of transportation :)

We took the ship last, and there were 2 stops for the ship, we stopped at Hakone Machiko. Do take note the last ship leave at 16.20pm.

Went to a random restaurant for late lunch at 3pm, and the place was empty.

My Chirashi Don was good, with plenty of fresh sashimis, me likey!

His Spicy Salmon Don, abit too spicy but fresh nonetheless!

With a full tummy, we walked around the pier and took some photos :)

Will continue with Part 2 in a separate post..till then!


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