Thursday, February 5, 2015

HK Trip: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好運)

Tim Ho Wan craze has finally come to KL, Malaysia. And this reminds me of my visit to the original Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Specialty store in Hong Kong. Since it is located at Mongkok (place where we stayed during our trip), we decided to wake up early and the naive us thought we are early enough. But I read somewhere that the first shop in Mongkok has been closed down since 2013 :(

While queuing, we got bored and so the little mui took an artsy pic of us.

And it is the first and only Michelin star restaurant (cheapest Michelin rated restaurant-that's what I heard) that I had tasted.
When we arrived, there was already a queue and so being the kia-su us, we quickly rushed to queue and by then the shop is not even opened yet. After queuing  for about 15 mins, the shop finally opened but as we were late we did not managed to get a table as the shop is quite small.

The waitress then passed us a queue no and asked us to come bout after 30mins. Since we were so hungry, we just walked in to a random shop nearby to had some breakfast.

Fried Noodles

Zhar Leong (炸樑) & porridge

The porridge was ok, but the Zhar Leong was bad, the chee cheong fun is thick and the you tiao is soft. I know I mentioned that you can walk into any restaurant in Hong Kong and the food will still taste good (read about it here) but I guess this breakfast place proved me wrong.

After a good 30mins of strolling around the area, we quickly went back to 添好運 (Tim Ho Wan), and the timing was perfect. A table for 6 is ready for us to savour the famous Hong Kong staple breakfast. The shop is so small, once you are seated, it is not recommended to move around.

We had:
Siew Mai with fresh prawn

Char Siew Cheong Fun (腸粉)- nothing so great but it was better than the previous one we had tho.

Traditional Chicken Glutinious Rice (古法糯米雞). The portion was huge and the meats was flavourful. But the rice is a little bit too 'wet'.

Radish/Turnip cake (萝卜糕 ). I have always been a fan of Radish cake but this is slight different from the ones in Malaysia. It was soft with actual strips of radish and it has a nice taste of dried shrimps. I like! Only bad thing is that it is a bit too oily, and again there goes my diet.

Last but not least is the star dish for Tim Ho Wan:
Crispy Char Siew Bao (酥皮焗叉燒包)

Since it is so good, it deserves a few more pictures than the rest. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The fillings was sweet and flavourful.
Writing about this makes me want to have one right now, I think I will drop by Garden's Tim Ho Wan just to grab some of these.

I you will be going to Hong Kong, there are 4 Tim Ho Wan-s for your to enjoy your Michelin star dimsum. Enjoy!

G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Nearest MTR station: Tsuen Wan Line, Sham Shui Po, Exit B2
Tel 2788 1226
Opening hours: 8am-9.30pm daily 

Shop 72, G/F, Olympian City 2, 18 Hoi Ting Road, Tai Kok Tsui
Tel 2332 2896
Nearest MTR station: Olympic, Exit D3

Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, ifc Mall), Central
Nearest MTR station: Tung Chung Line, Hong Kong,
Exit A1 Tel 2332 3078
Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily 

G/F, 2-8 Wharf Road, Seaview Building, North Point
Nearest MTR stations: Island Line, Fortress Hill, Exit B or North Point, Exit A1
Tel 2979 5608
Opening hours: 10am-9.30pm daily


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