Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ngong Ping 360 & City Gate Outlet

After filling up our tummy with breaktfast at Kam Wah Cafe Mongkok, we proceed to our next destination, the Big Buddha @ Ngong Ping.

Old Mongkok Street

Cable car tickets can be bought from the hostel that we stayed, Ah Shan Hostel or you can buy the tickets online from Ngong Ping 360 website, here.

We took the MRT to Tung Chung station, to board our Crystal Cabin for our appointment with the Big Buddha. Going up the hill we took the Crystal Cabin, where you can have a 360 degree view during the whole ride.

Nothing much to see along the journey - trees, sea & bird.

When we arrived at our destination, the wind got stronger, but that didn't stop us from snapping pictures. Apart from the Big Buddha, we also met with TVB stars.

I think they were filming for some Chinese New Year greetings, as when we were there it was very near the CNY.

Wind so strong, my hair slaps my face = =

After some pictures, we climbed down the stairs and we got hungry. And so we stopped by a stall for some black sesame & tau fu fa. 

Next, we went to City Gate outlet, famous for its discounted branded outlets, from Club 21, Burberry, CK, Esprit and more... 

And for poor people like me, it's just window shopping and some food in the foodcourt, which is located on the highest floor.

Cannot have too high expectations for foodcourt food right?

On our way back to Mongkok, we stopped by Disneyland, only just to have a feel of it.

We managed to catch a view of the fireworks, from the outside of the resort as we're cheap-skates :)

Once we reached Mongkok, we're so hungry, we just walked into a random restaurant for dinner. And we were not expecting much of the food as we were to hungry to care.

But to our surprise, the food there tasted good, fresh wantons with large shrimp.

The star food is none other than the 'Pou Zai Fan' or better know as Claypot Rice here in Malaysia.

With our Pou Zai rice!

Didn't expect something so simple can taste so good, we ordered the one with salted egg. And where's the egg, you must be asking. 
They hid it at the bottom of the claypot, a large size unpeeled salted egg. The egg-lover is so happy when he found the treasure :)

The portion is good enough for 2 person, and so it costed around RM13+ per person for this Pou Zai Fan.

What we've learned from our Hong Kong trip is that you can walk into any random shop and the food will still taste good. Or was it us that are lucky?


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