Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off to Hong Kong We Go

I've always wanted to vising Hong Kong, it must have been all the TVB series that I've watched since my childhood. Always wanted to try 細蓉 (sai yong),咖哩魚蛋 (curry fishball), 臭豆腐 (Smelly Tofu), Porridge, HK Egg tart and a lot more.

Being able to visit HK (12-17 Jan'13) is really a dream come true and a true gastronomical adventure. And also what made this trip so enjoyable and interesting is because I went with all my favourite people in my life.

And I'm now documenting all the details of the trip in my blog, so that I'll be able to read back and help reminds me of all the wonderful memories of our trip.

We of course travel the affordable way, which is Airasia, tickets were bought a year before our trip which costed around RM400, which is dirt cheap comparing to other airlines.

Our in-flight food, Chicken Rice & Mushroom Soup.

Nice cloud, on the way to Hong Kong.

First thing we did after we claimed our luggage is to get our Octopus Card, a smart card payment card for MTR, buses and you can also use it to purchase good from selected stores. The card value is HK$50 (approx RM20) and you will have to top-up $ to use the card. I'm not quite sure whether you'll get back the card value upon returning the Octopus card. For me, I'm still keeping the card (because we missed the 'card return counter', which I think is fine because the card is valid for three years from it's last add-value date.

After we checked in to our hostel "Ah Shan Hostel" (Mong Kok), we started our food quest. The location of Ah Shan is good as it is located near the MTR station and also in Mong Kok where there's alot to see and to eat.

1st up is the famous HK street food, 咖哩魚蛋 (curry fishball) :

2 sticks for HK$ 10 (RM4), the next day, the price increased to HK$11 o.O

It is not like the ordinary fish ball that we have here as it is not springy/bouncy and for me it tasted a bit like the keropok lekor that we have in Malaysia. The curry flavour is actually quite strong and it is wrapped in oil. And the weird part is, I actually like it. I guess most of us liked it as we ended up having the fishball from the same stall almost every night.

The stall is located very near to Ah Shan hostel.I'm so sorry I'm not able to share the location of it as the whole trip is planned by my sis and I did not take note to where exactly all the places that we've been and food we've eaten. The purpose of writing on our HK trip is really just to document it for our own reference, and I feel this blog of mine has become more of a personal blog rather than a food blog/guide. But feel free to ask for more info and I'll try my best to help.

Since we were all tired and super hungry, we randomly walked into a market (Fa Yuen St Market) where there is a food court (Fa Yuen Street Market Cooked Food Centre) located upstairs for dinner. The food court is also where the famous Mui Kei Congee is located.

There are a few stalls but we ended up at a Thai Food restaurant in HK, wth right? But nevertheless, the food tasted good.

Pineapple Fried Rice.

We also had the Chicken Hotpot, and we were literally served chicken and hot soup. But the soup base is good.

Nice and warm for a cool night. The dinner costed us HK$208 (RM80), eating in HK is really expensive.

After dinner, we went for a walk around Mong Kok and to look out for more food to fill our already full tummy.

We went Ladies Street which is just a street away from our hostel.

Look at the innards at the back, eww

Still prefer the bacon back home.

Street Shumai tasted bad, doesn't taste like meat, more like fishball wrapped with wanton skin.

We also had Egg Ball Waffles (鷄蛋仔) from North Point Egg Waffle which has several locations in Hong Kong. It tasted so good, each ball has a soft centre and the rest of it is crispy. We finished it in less than 1 min. My sis is really a good tour guide..haha

And that ends our 1st night in Mongkok, HK, and we went back for a good rest to prepared our self for the long walk the next day.


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