Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland 2

Welcome back!! As promised, this post will be the 2nd part of the Tokyo Disneyland trip that I went last enjoy...

The only ride that we went for that day-basically just a ferry ride with nothing to do.

After strolling the park for a while, we got hungry, and we decided to eat at this fast food chain-reason being because all other places are so crowded and we were so hungry that time.

Ordering the food isn't a problem because there's pictures for us to pinpoint to the cashier.

1,600 yen for 2 sets of fast food meal...lemme count .... which is equivalent to RM 64!! (estimate, calculated based on the rate when we went). OMG!!!

The food in the fast food chain which is worth RM64... (ignore the Katakana in the picture-I just randomly translated some words and put it

After the food, we sangat senang (too free), we sit and waited for the parade to begin - like what all the Japanese did...

Nothing special about the parade, but the Japs actually waited almost half an hour and they seem to love it alot.

Goofy's House

There's this particular Mickey Lunch Box which I had wanted to buy which is available only in Tokyo Disneyland. Hence, we walk all over and ask all over for it. It's not easy to ask stuff in Japan, because they will not understand you, so we said " Mickey and we used hand gesture", and it took almost 10 mins for them to get us. "Toon Town", they said and off we go to Toon Town.

I'm so excited when I saw this, but at this moment when I'm writing this blog, the lunch box is pratically just sitting in my store room =.= and it is 1,850 yen = RM 70+

Photos a bit blurry, they have both Mickey and the Minnie Lunch Box. I bought the Mickey, looking at it now, I regretted for not choosing the Minnie, it's cuter... #cry (human will never be satisfied)

Other stuff that you can get from 'Towntown Tidbits" - Donald/Daisy Egg Stand -600 yen

I think that's about it on my Tokyo Disneyland post...conclusion, since the both us us can't be bother to line up, we ended up just walking around the park and took tons of pictures. For those who don't mind queuing up, I suppose Tokyo Disneyland is quite fun, tho.

Ending this post with a night view of Cinderella's Castle. Till next time...buhbyeee!


ms.bulat said...

The lunch box so cute! It's okay, I don't think many ppl even know bout this lunch box. So they won't know Minnie on is cute too haha

Mr Lonely said...

so good can travel..

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