Monday, February 20, 2012

Japan Trip 2: Mythical Egg in Owakudani Japan?

Finally had some time to continue my Japan trip blog post. These few months had been a tiring months for me at work as I need to start fresh and a lot of things need to learn hence neglected my lovely blog. :D

After a fulfilling lunch break at Lake Ashi, our next destination is Owakudani which located 30 minutes away from Lake Ashi but we took almost 1 & a half hour to reach as it is the public holiday for Japan on that day!!! >.<

'Have you ever wonder if there is 'anything' that can prolong your life?' That's what our tour guide asked during the journey (or should I say the jam!) to Owakudani. He told us that There is this egg called 'Black Egg' that was boiled in the sulphurous water in Owakudani which can extend your life and legend says that if you eat 1 egg, you can extend your life for 7 years! WOW!

After 1 & a half hour ride, we finally reached our destination and it was freezing!!! Saw the white smoke coming out at the center? That is the place where they boiled and sell the Black Egg! Everyone is so eager to get one but looking at the distance and path, our mouth goes wide open.......... :O

After 30 minutes of rock climbing, monster fighting, counting the staircase (yeap, it wasn't that bad, they have stairs!!!) *crap crap crap*......... Happily holding the mythical Black Egg! :) The egg cost us around 500 yen.
Their shells are black in color due to a chemical reaction with the sulphurous water, but the inside is quite tasty.  
I must warned you, the sulphur smell is very strong here and we couldn't take it for too long! 

*Om nom nom* Has my life extended??? hehehe... It was pretty crowded there......

After our quest of extending our life, enjoying the magnificent view of Mount Fuji from Owakudani. You can clearly see Mt. Fuji from here and I must say, it is stunning!!! The top was not covered by snow though...

Till then, stay tune for next post on Japan trip, Hakone Peace Park! Sayonara!


Ola said...

Interesting trip! And I would also buy myself one black egg:)

Life and travelling

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