Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antipasti Buffet at Spasso Milano

You guys must be wondering what's antipasti, it is the plural of antipasto which means 'before the meal' or easier said is appetiser in the Italian language. For a person like me who has never tasted Italian in a classy Italian Restaurant, the experience in Spasso Milano really open up my eyes. The restaurant is located in the heart of KL, Nihonkan Club, Jalan Ampang. It is actually not hard to find, from KLCC onwards just go straight all the way or easier get a GPS... ;p

Ok, back to the buffet, cos there's no point listening on how-to-go from a person like me who doesn't know her way. So, I 1st read of this buffet from a fellow Nuffnang blogger, and I did a find on 'Antipasti Buffet KL', I love the convenience of the digital world. After tons of good reviews and slurp-ing photos, we decided to have our anniversary lunch at Spasso Milano. They only served this buffet for weekend lunch.

The buffet spread.

The buffet is priced at RM18++ per person. And you can add RM 3 or more for a main of your choice. The selection here are not very extensive, alot of the food which is shown here and here, are not there during our visit. I guess those are paid review or is it they serve different variations every week, idk. The buffet price does not come with drinks, so we only had plain water, which is free, yeah, we are very poor.

The soup is good, very creamy. The bread is quite hard as it is cold.

Yummy~yummy selections, but all the food there is nothing to shout about lo...all cold de...

We ordered the Tagliatelle Napolitana by adding aother RM3. This is the best dish that we had there. We were wondering why they need to place it in such big plate.

The interior of the restaurant is modern, and comfortable, the lighting is dim, also loved the free parking, you know how impossible it is to get a free parking in KL. The Nihonkan Club provides an ample of free parking spaces, how kewl is that.

My outfit: white dress from a boutique in The Curve, RM 39.90 and white heel, Vincci, RM 24. ☺I
♥ bargains.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Murni Discovery USJ & Sunway

I had always loved Murni at SS2, for the varieties they served over there but I rarely pay a visit to SS2 Murni. I hate the traffic at that area and also the restaurant's crowd, you'll never manage to get a table especially yum cha time.

But to my surprise, as I was surfing the net, I came across Murni Discovery at USJ and also Dataran Mentari, Sunway. We were so happy we had dinner in Murni Discovery 2 nights in a row. So near leh...where can don't try....

The USJ branch is located just opposite Taipan and the Sunway branch is at Dataran Mentari, just next to 99 Speedmart. I'm lazy to post the address here.Just google up the address and use a gps, voila....that easy...I ♥smartphones. The USJ Murni does not serve all the foods in the menu, there is some items which are only available at Sunway and SS2.

Roti Hawaii...RM6? with spider web on it. I think their quality has drop. I find the Roti Hawaii abit dry compared with the 1st one I had years back.

The fillings in the roti canai : sausage, minced chicken, pineapple, a lil bit of cheese. 

Claypot Lou Shu Fan. Yummy...I think this is RM5. I tried this in both outlet, I think the 1 in USJ is tastier. The Sunway's is too salty.

The famous Murni Mee Raja, priced at RM10. I find it too expensive.Portion's too big, it can feed 3 person. Alot of mee with plenty of prawns and crab stick.

Nasi Goreng Bacon. RM7. Nothing special, but the fried rice tasted ok. I should try the Western food there...hmmphh...

Murni Supper Set. 

That's it for this post. Not much to write about Murni. Just try it yourself...ta~tA~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Damansara Uptown

I still remember my 1st encounter with dim sum is when I'm still very young, and my aunt from Singapore will bring us to the famous Overseas Dim Sum in KL. That time, Dim Sum is something luxurious for us, yeah, we were quite poor, and are still poor now, but now we do Dim Sum quite regularly till I get sick of it sometimes.

In the past, dim sum is = Siew Mai, Har Kow, Char Siew Pau, etc now things had changed, even mussels are part of the dim sum family now.

Mussel + Prawn + Cheese. It actually tasted ok. There's 2 of this and it is only RM 4.50. Price-wise it is good, cos its mussels and prawns, wey...

Craving for some Bacon? No worries, Bacon are now no longer in the American Breakfast family, it has now joined Dim Sum's too...

This dish falls under the fried stuff. It is pork/prawn/fish wrapped with bacon, and it cost RM10. The pieces are actually quite big, thus making it not that expensive. This bacon thing is tasty, the ketchup opens up our appetite. But this dish will be much better if it is served hot. They also have this bacon dish in steamed version.

Errmm...I can't really remember what's this, but from the look of it I guess it is prawn + scallop + salted egg, and I think yam also? The reason why I can't remember because the combination makes it quite impossible for me to remember. The salted egg is there but we can't really taste it. Is it wrapped in spring roll? This plate here also cost us RM10.

Some other Dim Sum that we had that day:

The price ranges from RM3.60 to RM10. Price is considered cheap as the dim sum there is quite big. I loved the 'Chan Pao' ( Pork Bun ), it has very generous filling. The Lao Sa Pao's skin sticks to the teeth, I prefer those in Little Dim Sum Place. The century egg porridge is normal, I think Mexim Klang serves better porridge, I'll do a post on it soon, (hopefully). Everything else is ok, nothing to shout about.

I don't understand why is there such crowd in the place, maybe because of the wide variety of Dim Sum. Oh, and did I mention where is this? It is the famous Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum. They are so big they have 5 branches in the Klang Valley. The outlet that we went is the one in Damansara Uptown. But I find them a bit over-rated. The restaurant is jam-packed especially during weekends.

The Place: 

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
63G, 65G, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 7729 8881

My opinion on this dim sum outlet: Worth the try, price affordable, either go early or after everyone had finished their breakfast or you'll have to wait for table, wide variety of dim sum, from the normal to the exquisite special dim sum.

My advice: Since portion is quite big, go with more people or else end up like us, wasted food, but since we are trained since young not to waste food, we tapao-ed the left-overs. Kudos to

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Date With TVB Stars

Got invites to this event organised by Astro Life, where there is food provided and also TVB artists to see. The event took place in Imperial Garden Restaurant, PJ and this is the 1st time I've been so close to an artiste. Although, I love famous people, I just hate to be in crowded places just to see them.

Famous faces who went to the event are the cast of 公主嫁到 ( Can't Buy Me love) Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, and Sharon Chan. I was expecting face to face, but we were seated in a table of 10, and the artist is on the stage, and our table is not that near, you know, so it's quite sad. But it's free, so no complaints....The only time I'm near to them is during the group picture time ( I haven't got the pictures yet, will upload it once I've got it).

Raymond Wong is so friendly, he even posed for me when he knew I'm taking his picture.

We were so dumb that we parked at the outdoor parking, forgetting that if we park in the building itself, the restaurant will validate our parking ticket, so we wasted RM 5 to the ah neh...even worse is the parking in the building is only RM 3.... T.T

Brought my mui along to the event ^^... Everyone wore dresses...I thought it is just a casual I 'under-dressed'...

Free dim sum provided by Imperial...Did not captured all the food...shy...cos alot of unknown people...hehe

The event took about 2 hrs, then each of us are given a goodie bag....Hope there's more event like this to come ... Signing off now...bye

Monday, August 8, 2011

Buffet @ Coffee Terrace, Genting

WARNING: This post is some dated post.Being a lazy blogger and due to the reason that I am now working (at last!), the time spent on blogging got lesser. This outing was like few weeks back.

I ♥ my cupcake tank.

Me and both the sis went Genting the other day (to make it sound less dated?), got Genting First World Hotel free room ma. The sis's genting card, which is frequently used in the casino earns us a free room. So yay! We wanted to stay at the Genting Resort Hotel but it is fully booked...hmm..Genting really is a hot stuff..enough of yabbing...

Like usual, we visited the casino and donated some $$$ to the Uncle Lim Charity. And after all the adrenaline rush due to gambling, we went Coffee Terrace for Buffet Dinner. The price for dinner after tax is RM 70. Plenty of foods to choose from, Western, Indian, Japanese, Nyonya, Penang, Chinese, Shanghai-nese?

But too bad, the 3 of us did not really try much, due to the small capacity of our tummy. It may appear huge on the outside (round tummy) but can't really fill in much food.

The dining area is very big, when we 1st walk in we was like woah, "got so many diners meh?" But after we almost finish eating, there are a BIG group of tourist from China, walking in, like hundreds of them. Luckily we had done eating, or else we need to queue.

Being the kiasu me, I nom alot of sashimi, expensive food ma, it's written there salmon from Norway. The sashimi is nothing to shout about, I prefer the one served in Sakae. Followed by some roasted lamb, cause it is limited, when the Chinese came, there are no more roasted lamb. Others foods that I had consumed is chicken rice, Char Kuey Teow, La Mian, Desserts, Pasta, Cooked Salmon, Porridge, all of these are shared by the 3 of us.

More pictures of the buffet spread:

The Western Asian Spread.

Roasted Lamb, Pasta and Salad.

The desserts all look very nice, but tasted so-so. Also there's chocolate fountain*eyes sparkling...

More desserts...Love the ice cream with choco on top...very chocolatey~

Some other no-caption pictures...the stir fried vegetables is very nice...recommended...Char Kuey Teow too...The Chicken rice's chicken is only so-so, but the rice is good, very fragrant.

The 3 of us walked out of Coffee Terrace with a smile on our face, and with a bigger and rounder tummy than before. No more buffet for us, ermm at least till the end of this month? Hehe...

Entrance to Coffee Terrace. Why do they put some weird-vertical-cannon-looking-thingy on the walkway?

End this post with a picture of us, the Tans sister, stew-pit...and I'm sleeping...haha

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Decanter for Breakfast

Ever since I brought him to Decanter.. he has always wanted to go there not for the bakeries; croissant (which I read it is good, should give it a try next time), not for lunch, not steak but just for Decanter's Full Breakfast. For only RM16.90, it comes with 2 eggs, toast, grilled tomato, baked beans, turkey ham, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and a cup of coffee/tea.

The nearest Decanter from Sunway or even from Klang, which serves breakfast would be the Decanter Setiabakti, which is located in Bukit Damansara. The PJ outlet located at SS17 does not have breakfast, as they open only at 12 pm.

From what's written in the menu, I think the Breakfast is served the whole day. So it is a good thing for people who loves their Full Breakfast but hated waking up early in the morning...yeah..I'm talking about myself, as I will always miss the McD Breakfast..

Breakfast selection at the restaurant.

Myself while waiting for the food to be served.

My breakfast with fried egg-over easy.

Full Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs. Does this Decanter breakfast looks nicer or Meichi Breakfast looks tastier? ahaha...i know mine does not look as nice, but still....what's important is the taste right..ehehe

Clearer view of the meat, 3 pcs of  turkey ham and bacon each. I still prefer the non-halal bacon. The sausages tasted a bit sourish....why o why?

Yours truly with Decanter Full Breakfast.

Been to Bkt Damansara's Decanter multiple times but still didn't manage to try their other foods in the menu...argghhh...

The interior, I could just hang around there the whole day, so peaceful and quiet.

The shop.

How to get there: (quoted from malaysiamostwanted)

“Simple! Fr Eastin go straight then turn off to yr left as if going to Bangsar just after Jakes and Victoria Station. Same way u go J and R. But JR u turn right at teh lights in front of Shell / Manulife / HP. Decanter u go straight until u c a Kebangsaan school. Then turn right. Tat road is Jalan Setiabakti.”

The shop opens everyday. Mon to Fri: 7.30 am-10.30pm, and Sat,Sun and Public Holidays: 9.00am-10.30pm.

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