Monday, June 27, 2011

I ♥ Rosti @ Marche

My last visit to Marche in The Curve Mutiara Damansara had make me fall in love with a potato dish named Rosti. Rosti is a Swiss dish and it tasted very much like hash brown. But I personally prefer rosti to hash brown.

I'm gonna talk a bit on my visit to Marche Movenpick. It was about 10pm that time and the boy felt hungry. Thus, we decided to have our supper in Marche. Upon entering the shop, each customer will be given a piece of order card.

There is different stalls selling rosti, pasta, pizza, vegetables, salad, soup, dessert and so on . Every time you order your food, you will need to pass the order card to be stamp. Everything here is self service. It is very much like the concept of food court/ marketplace.

We ordered the Seafood Fusilli and Swiss Rosti. The fusilli comes with 6 big prawns and a generous serving of white button mushrooms. The chocolate shake is also my favourite. With a strong choco taste and ice cold, just right for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

The pizza is also a must try. Freshly baked pizza with its fresh and generous amount of its toppings. Chezzy!!

Argghh...just realised that this promotion has ended... *cry but hopefully they will have this promotion again in the future *prays..

Ok..enough of Marche promoting...back to my post. Since I had declared my ♥ for rosti since the beginning of the post. I'm gonna teach all of you how to make your own rosti.

Rosti Making

1. Have some potatoes on hand.

2. Let the potato enjoy in some hot boiling water, like I did in Taiwan Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring .. ;p Boil it till the potatoes are soft.

3. Peel off the potato skin.

4. Grate the potatoes with a grater. duh! My 'meichi rosti' failed at this step because meichi's house does not have a grater...sad T.T

I then add some salt and pepper to the 'grated' potato. You can even add mayonnaise.

This is how a grater looks like for those who doesn't know.

Image taken from here

5. Heat the frying pan and melt some butter to 'lubricate' the pan. Fry till the grated potato are crispy on on side, which is about 8-10 minutes, then flip the rosti with the help of a plate. How: Slide the rosti off the pan to a plate then put it back on the pan. This is to ensure that the rosti doesn't break.

6. My version of rosti. Although all of the potatoes doesn't stick, but it still tasted yummy...

I have my rosti together with citrus mayo- I love the combination a bit of lime-y taste and creamy mayo, yummy. You guys can also opt for sour cream or the rosti can even be eaten as it is.

Hopefully the next time I make my rosti, I'll have a grater by my side...Have fun making your own rosti.


KiUk said...

oh..i miss marche...
i dont know which my favorite coz i eat all..
what other people take, i'll eat some from their plate ;P

Nava.K said...

nice and very simple to food recipe, my fav is also potatoes, cooked any which way.

meichi said...

kiuk: lol...i always did that too..
nava: thks... ^^

Anonymous said...

i sudah lapar dah...hahahaha


meichi said...

xm: jom pi makan ^^

Small Kucing said...

aw...the one you made look nicer la

meichi said...

small kucing: thk u so much ^^

Adinda Fe said...

Hey I like rosti in marche too ... Nice found you that have an idea to make rosti by your self, so do I.

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