Friday, February 11, 2011

Taiwan: Jiufen & Keelung Night Market 2

Back to business after the commercial break...

After witnessing the weirdest ice cream combination in our life, we continue to explore the old town of Jiufen. When we came across to the most famous person in Jiufen.

*Drum rolls* Introducing the famous hot dog seller in Jiufen...

She dressed like this everyday to attract customers, really can get more customer by dressing this way?
But she did caught our attention, we even took pictures with her. After taking pictures of course must buy something lo, or else like 'wan kat'.

She can really pose, every pictures taken with her she will show a different pose. She recommend us the Black Pig sausage and also the glutinous rice sausage, and we chose the latter. Ermm, not trying to be racist or what but black pig? The color alone scares us off.

Our glutinous rice sausage, NT$ 35 which tasted like ordinary glutinous rice, only difference it is in a sausage shape and has an outer layer which is too oily, not worth trying, Lomaikai tasted much better.

Some random sweetie we saw in Jiufen, the 3 of us look so dead ordinary next to her. Shes selling some 'ginger cubes' where you need to dissolve it in hot water and it tasted like the 'Tong Yuen' soup with ginger.

Stopped by at a shop selling taro balls.

Yummy taro balls, they have all sorts of balls, from glutinous rice, taro, green bean, sweet potato, and alot more which idk, due to the different flavor, the bowl is very colorful. Although with so much variety, we can't really taste the difference. For the soup we chose red+green bean, there is also the icy ones where you can have during summer. The price is fair also, NT$40 per bowl.

The view from Jiufen, best time to capture nice shots of the view is summer.

Love the color of this picture. Help!! Can someone tell me why is all my pictures blur after I edit, seems like very low quality. I chg the image size in Photoshop to resize. much to see at Jiufen but then the time does not permit, the shop here closes at 6pm, and so we took a bus to Keelung's Miaokou Night Market- Miaokou means 'Temple Front'. We took a bus for NT$51/person, and the journey seems like forever (could be because its raining, hence the driver is driving slowly).

Had a bowl of the taiwan's famous mee sua, served with pork intestines and fish ball. I still prefer the one in Malaysia-Shihlin branch's oyster meesua.

Tell the bus driver to inform you when reaching the Miaokou Night Market, from where the bus stops you walk straight up (to the direction where the bus that you had just take) till you see a bridge on your right, or the easiest just as the locals for guidance. More info on KeeLung here.

The night market is famous for its seafood, due to the fact that Keelung is situated near the sea. The seafoods here are all bigger than the normals, or is it because I more kampung.

The night market only sells more food compared to fashion. I also find the night market relatively small compared to the others which I had went.

Our eat list:

营养三明治 Miao Kou Chinese Sandwich, NT$55, which is recommended by a lot of bloggers. It is actually taiwan sausage, ham, century egg, tomato and cucumbers wrap inside a crispy, deep fried bread and a lot of mayonaisse. We did not need to queue, but we overheard another customer saying this, "usually the line for this stall is dam long, but today since its raining so no people", lucky us ^^. We were at first doubting that how delicious can that weird combination be, and I can tell you it is really good.

生煎包 Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao, NT$12. Not bad..but nothing special.

Nice looking drumstick that we did not try.

肉圆 Rou Yuan, NT$30. I hate this thing, there is a weird taste in it, the meat is red in color-is it Hong Shao Rou (Red Braised Pork)? Idk.. I did not even swallow my 1st bite..that is how bad it tasted. Note to myself : Never ever order red rou yuan.

滷肉飯 Lu Rou Fan + Pork Meat Soup NT$60, our last stop of the day is at Taiwan's famous delicacies. As I remembered, the gravy here is nicer than the 1 we had at Huaxi. The meat in the sopu is tender and nicely cooked, but it may not suit those who does not like a strong pork-y taste in their meat.

That basically covers our journey in Jiufen and Keelung aka Miaokou.


~Snowman~ said...

waa! nice foood make me hungry now =P

jfook said...

I want taro ballssss!

meichi said...

snowman: ^^
jfook: lol

y--square said...

Oh mai! I always wanntedd to try Taiwan Oyster me sua~~ next time go remember ta pao 4 me!

bacterium said...

Which Oyster Mee sua is that? Does not look like ah chung one because ah chung one usually put in paper cup, like cup noodle. And the hog maw is a bit smaller. Nice to go so many places!

meichi said...

y-square: lol...sure sure...giv me ur
bacterium: it is not ah chung's...tis is just some random stall near keelung nite mrkt..but i wish to go more places... * praying hard ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh, the glutinous rice sausage is supposed to be cut length-wise in half, and wrapped around a regular taiwanese sausage .. almost like a hotdog-inside-another-hotdog !!
the oyster meesua -- mm .. i haven't had oyster meesua for years. now i have to go and find some.
i've never seen that kind of sandwich anywhere else before -- that sounds like a bizarre combination of ingredients, but definitely would want to try it ..

Lauren Roerick Miller said...

Looks like you guys had a really good time! I'm headed up to Jiufen in February to take my brother and sister. (I live in Taiwan and they are coming to visit)
Nice to read your blog, it's cute :)
Come check out mine, too!

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