Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring is Love

Although living in a country with no 4 seasons, my love for spring clothing blooms ever since I had my 1st piece of floral clothing. I am very much in love with things floral, flowy and pastel. I might not be a fashion expert, as I just dress according to my liking, and had sometimes being called a fashion disaster.

OK..nevermind..bac to the post, tis post is actually dedicated to Reebonz, umm maybe not entirely on Reebonz but more on their latest contest, which is the Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest. There are 6 bags to be won in the contest, and I'm, eyeing for the Marc Jaacobs The XL Single as I'm loving the color, so so much. The bag is suitable throughout the year and you can even dress up or down with the bag as accessories.

So, here's my 1st look with the bag:
1st Look: Casual

Here I'm pairing my kitschen floral dress with a pastel green cardigan from Cotton On. The dress alone will look too dull as it is dark in color. A skinny belt from this&that is wrapped around the waist to accentuate the waist line. Then, I pair my favorite piece of leopard print legging which I got from Taiwan, with Opera's Ballerina Flats (cream color), and lastly a black bracelet, also not forgetting the Marc Jaacobs The XL Single to complete the look. # I did not pull the leggings all the way up cos I feel that it looks better showing off abit off skin in the thigh area.

This girly look is suitable when you are hititng the mall, cinema, and even for dinner.

2nd Look:Back to School

The 2nd look is suitable for school. The color might be abit dull for spring. The grey skirt could be replace with a floral skirt to make it livelier (I'm wearing grey because I do not have a floral one). On the top is a plain white tube top. A simple grey long cardigan on the outside and again, a belt to accentuate the waist- which is not visible due to the layering. Shoe is a peep-toe with a flower on top wore together with a pair of socks to keep the toe warm in a breezy spring. Lastly, a Marc Jaacobs The XL Single and you are ready for school.


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