Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taiwan: Shihlin Night Market-士林夜市 Part 2

This is the continued post from Taiwan: Shihlin Night Market-士林夜市 Part 1..being an efficient lazy blogger, i divided the shihlin post to 2 parts..

Imma start the Shihlin Part 2 with this little cute thing that we spotted in Shihlin.

Idk why it look so sad..te pup look straight to the camera lens when I point it at him/her. All the doggie in Taiwan are very cute and their owner brings them everywhere, even to the malls and restaurants, some even dress up looking pwettier than me, wtf! seems so wrong here, jealous of the doggie, crazy..

Yeah..we reached the much anticipated Shihlin Night Market at last, heart the print tee..but din get any. The street looks abit empty..cos it is stil early..it is bout 8pm when we reached there. As you can see, the road is stil quite clear but when we were about to leave, ard 10pm, there are stalls being set up right in the mid of the street.

♥ da shoes selling @ Shihlin..esp the boots, varieties...and much cheaper..my sis bought a pair of boots for NT590..mana cari leR in Msia??

So back to the food, next on our list is the 胡椒饼, which is the Black Pepper Biscuit, NT45.

I ♥ this biscuit, it is crispy on the outside and have a soft texture on the inside. The meat in it is very flavorful and juicy. Tip: Prepare a tissue while eating this, or prepare to have flowy juice ard ur mouth and on ur hand.

The meat is marinated with lotsa black pepper, hence the name, and then being wrapped together with lotsa spring onion/green onion before being baked in an oven - not really oven la, it looks like those clay oven where naan is made. Yummeh!!

This stall here in Shihlin is the branch of the famous Black Pepper Biscuit in Raohe Night Market, if you want to try the 1 in Raohe, be prepared to queue.

This biscuit is a must-try taiwan snack, recommended by the three-Tans-musketeer tamchiak1..it tasted so good, we can't get it off our hands...The weather is so cool, it is so suitable to eat this, cos it is spicy, hot straight from the oven.

We then came across this ahma' s stall which sells, 肉丸-glutinous rice meat ball, each for NT40...it is ok from my opinion, the gravy is very flavorful, and it doesn't have a strong porky taste. Eat it together with the spring onion and it will taste much better. But I do find the texture abit sticky, my advice is to order 1 and share it with someone.

After eating so many thing, we are left to wander, why on earth are all the food stalls not selling drinks,yeah lo..tis is also 1 thing i realised, Taiwanese do not prefer to have beverages when they are eating, won't choke meh??

And so, we continued jalan2 and bought a NT25 drink, idk what drink, but i guess it is some tea. NT25 for 1000cc/ 1litre, thts alot..

Us with the 1000cc tea..forgive the stunt face, just to show you guys how large is the cup.

Three of us with the busy & colorful Shihlin as background.

Stopped by at the 7-eleven near our hotel, so different compared to our version of  7-e, with so much varieties of food, you do not have to worry that you have ntg to eat during your Taiwan trip. You can choose from bento, pasta, noodles, porridge, burgers..only to name a few. Even the drinks have more choices..forgive my kampung-ness ^^

The price of the food in 7-eleven ranges from NT20 to NT80, if I don't remember wrongly.Btw, no pictures are allowed in the outlet, so I curi-curi snap lo, beh tahan see so many food.

We had these tasty fried rice with bacon & seafood udon for NT130, somewhere near our hotel before heading back to rest.

The fried rice is tastier, thats why got 2 pictures..lol but the udon also is not bad...with lotsa seafood and internals...it feel so nice to have a hot bowl of udon in such cool weather in Taipei.

Gonna stop here, no more blogging juice. End the post with a blurry picture of the back alley which leads to our hotel aka homestay. Byee


Ck said...

i want try the 肉丸-glutinous rice meat ball ,look like so delicious .how is it ?

Chuen said...

so many nice stuff! I think I would go crazy shopping and eating if i go there...haha

TikkoSS's Blog said...

looks like it reconfirm my decision to go to there .. yesterday ur food already make me drooling.. today.. i just want get the food myslf

Hilda Milda™ said...

So nice that you get to try so many types of food!! No clothes or bags? :P

* tracey gal * said...

oh my! the puppy is so adorable and the boots! ><
i will definitely go cwazeee if i go thr! :D

Kathleen_YinLing said...

Hi :)
First visit to your blog.
hehehe. you went to Taiwan!*Envyyy*
I hope to be there soon ;)

meichi said...

ck: the meat ball for is just ok..but worth the try..te skin is abit too sticky, but te meat in it is ok.
chuen: yeah...i almost went crazy too..but my wallet doesnt permit me to..
tikkoss: lol...good...den lets all of us go to taiwan!!
hilda: yeah..i went there mostly for the food..hehe
tracey: cute right...
kathleen: thks for the visit... ^^

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

ARGH! I love the pink boots! XO

domokun said...

OMGGGG I SAW AWESOME BOOTS TT malaysia ones are soo expensive ehh>< cries* yorrrrr the black pepper biscuit looks nice>< yorr i wan go taiwan TT

meichi said...

steph: me too !!
domokun: hehe...yeahh...boots in taiwan r dirt cheap..

Joon Liang said...

I did try the Raohe Pepper Biscuit..Heart!!!

meichi said...

joon liang: yeah...it tasted sooo good rite...

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