Monday, January 17, 2011

Taiwan: Shihlin Night Market-士林夜市 Part 1

On our first day in Taiwan, we went to Shihlin Night Market. Went there with cab. Their starting cab price is NT70, quite expensive lo..from our minshu to Shihlin it is about NT175, abit pricey due to traffic jam.

Saw the above in the cab, "Jay Chou No Smoking Advertisement or is it stop smoking", idk.

If you are getting there by MRT, stop at Jiantan MRT station, and walk towards the crowd, or ask for direction from the people there. Don't ever get down from Shihlin MRT as you need to walk further compared to Jiantan.

The Night Market is divided to 2 parts: which is the food market and also 1 with more clothes and food. I would recommend the one with clothes and food, as there are more things to see over there. The 2 are only a street away. Again, just follow the crowd.

We start with the food market, as because the driver stop us near the food market knowing that we are hungry. Our journey from lcct to our minshu took us about 8hrs, thus the hungry-ness.

The first cutie to greet us is the colorful lighter. SpongeBob says Hi!!

Next in line is the 'Ping Tong Wu Lou' or rock sugar candy..from my understanding..hehe..da lil sis you can see from her happy face..I did not try as I do not reali favor it, but I will definitely recommend the fresh strawberry from the fruit stall there, NT100 for a considerable amount, and it is very sweet.

Folled by "Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang" - direct translated will be 'Big Sausage wrap small sausage'. You can see this alot here, we bought this at NT50 (about RM5). It is actually Taiwan sausage wrapped with glutinous rice, filled together with pickles. The rice is being grilled before hand and you can choose whatever flavor of sausage you want.

Next to the signboard is the Biggie Taiwan Sausage - I called it the King of Taiwan Sausages, dam 9 big I tell you, but we did not try it though.

Some other food that we saw there. (l-r): the night market, sesame chicken drumstick, fishball, XL fried squid. 

After strolling the night market, we were thinking, is that it, the famous Shihlin Night Market? Where's all the cheap taiwanese fashion? And so, we decided to cross the street to the other side of the road, following the crowd and we stumbled upon the famous Prince Cheese Potatoes.

It is so famous you can easily find 3 to 4 stalls of this 'Prince Cheese Potatoes' in Shihlin. The stall is actually selling fried potatoes, where you can choose your own fillings.

The 1st picture is the potato before frying, below is the fillings that you can choose, it is almost like Subway, but the un-healthier version. ^^

Our potato @ NT60, look at the amount of cheese. The potato is very soft and crispy on the outside, it is like fried mashed potato. It may seem very cheesy, but when you had a taste of it, it is not really that cheesy, maybe, they added water into the cheese? idk.. Ours is with tune, corn, pineapple, ham...My job is to eat, so I can't really remember whats in it.

Okay...being a lazy blogger..imma stop here due to ..ermm stay tuned for Taiwan: Shihlin Night Market-士林夜市 Part 2...


˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Eee,ppl who went to Taiwan will sure post about food de! Mum mum mum...X3

ChewSS said...

i cannot resist from commenting when i see nice food.. i oso want to go to taiwan lor.. i luv eating and FAT adding

* tracey gal * said...

wahhhh my dreamland taiwan!! hahaha >< like the smoking advert! and the potato looks like some mango dessert aft the fillings!

Encik Kimi® said... taiwan!

Dewi Batrishya said...

whoa.. very interesting... O.O

meichi said...

steph & chew: ^^ yeah..we all luv food..lets go taiwan
tracey: jay rocks ^^
kimi & dewi: thks for dropping by ^^

Punk Chopsticks said...


Btw, loving the fact that jay chou is against smoking! Go Jay!

r e b e c c a said...

Oh, looking forward to part 2 cause i'll be going during CNY :DD

Euniceee said...

ahhhh!! so little pic ony ah? i dint get to read enough ler...=( more?hehe!

meichi said...

chopsticks: yay.. go JAY ^^
rebecca: sure..will be updating on part 2 tonite... ^^
eunice: sure babe ^^

~Snowman~ said...

wow! taiwan sounds so 'yummy!' =D

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