Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tong Yuen Part 2

Two more hrs before the end of dong zhi. Woke up early to roll-roll tong yuen to pray and also to make some for the family to eat.

The white and red dough. Red is a must if you are using the tong yuen to pray.

Roll, roll the dough to make it yuen, yuen.

Tong yuen in the boiling sweet soup with pandan leaves. When the tong yuen floats in the soup, it means it is done.

Snowman tong yuen, lol.

Fillings for our tong yuen, peanut butter and baking choco.

Three bowls of nice, hot tong yuen for the 3 of us.

Home made with choco filling, I even made some with dwi-color skin n__n

One tip: Only cook / boil the amount of tong yuen that you can fin, or else your tong yuen will end up like ours, we left ours soak in the syrup from mrg till nite and it had become all mushy but stil edible. Again Dong Zhi Kuai Le n__n


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meichi said...

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Alisa said...

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meichi said...

Alisa: Thanks for your interest, but I do not know how to add the tong yuen widget at the end of this post, so I add it at my main page at the left side bar instead.

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