Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tenji Buffet

Tenji, a Japanese Buffet located at Solaris Mont Kiara. When it first open, it created such excitement among buffet lovers with is promotion, which is like dam cheap, about rm 30 for their lunch promotion. But I am not among the lucky ones who managed to make a reservation that time. Thus, I went for their dinner @ normal price, which is RM88, before tax.

So, the last time I went to Tenji is early this year, during Valentine's and I found that the food quality has dropped since the last time I went last year, when it just opened not long ago. Nothing much to go 'ohh' and 'ahh' for. But worth while to give it a try if you have a thing for oyster and sashimi. Tenji feels very much like Jogoya, with almost similar foods.

Abit of the pre-cooked foods that I had that night - some roast duck, clams, fish - ntg special

The fried oyster has more flour than oyster in it. BOO!

From the sushi counter.

Garlic breads and some salad. Although being in buffet, I still eat healthy, ok..

Squid ink fettuccine. You need to place your order - the clips - in the bowl at the counter and they will deliver it to your table when it is done.

A must haves for me when I'm dining in buffet, spaghetti and porridge. I heart both of it to the max. 

So , I guess I'm an easy target for buffet restaurant owner , bcos i mainly eat carbs like spaghetti, porridge and fried rice - something cheap, where they can earn more from ppl like me.

I love the Kindori Ice Cream in Tenji. The last time i went, i need to queue to get mine, 1 uncle who doesn't know that every1 is queuing just stand right in front of me, and what angers me the most is the person making the ice cream even serve him 1st. Damn uncle, he even order for 3, c2pid uncle.

The hard-earned Red Bean Kindori ice-cream

Above is my valentine's prezzie from the dearest... thankiu and muakzz . .


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