Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunway Pyramind 2010 Xmas

I am so next paper will be on this fri...1 more day to go...sho dead..and yet im still on the net... T.T

A short update on pyramid's deco this year...from my opinion..te decos are just so-so...not as fancy as othr malls...maby bcos of the limited space...

Help someone this festive season...

Walking ard the mall to look for DSLR and i stumped upon this candy shop..looks attractive inside and out...they sell all kinds of candies der...also some 'just-for-fun' items which include edible sanitary pad (marshmallow) and some chocolate with condom packaging.

For Stephen Chow fans, they will know of this, from his famous 唐伯虎點秋香..but i duno whats the use of it tho... (it is behind the 'condom' in the pic)

Saw this in the newly renovated FOS in Pyramid... VINTAGE !!!

Merry-early-xmas... n.n


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