Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phuket Part 1

Sun, Sea, Sand... loves...

I tink Phuket is the reason why I bcame so tanned...i did not reali apply much sunscreen on tat 5 day trip to the island..but nevertheless I love everything about Phuket...i may not be staying in the best hotel, or travel on the best airlines or even eat at 5-star restaurant but the experience from the trip, interesting, very fun.. indescribable..i plan the whole trip mysellf...the flight, the hotel, altho not very well-planned but who cares...we did have fun...

We travelled Airasia...the tix is ard RM 400+/pax, booked during its RM0 fare promo...the tix is quite cheap because we went on end of oct, which is stil the monsoon season and out of the 5days, 2 days are raining (not the whole day tho).The overall weather for the whole trip is stil very good,very hot.

The beach which is located right opposite of where we stay, which is Woraburi Phuket Resort. We booked the hotel thru Airasia and stayed at the resort the whole trip. We spent about rm 500/pax for the hotel. The hotel is situated in Karon beach.

The hotel lobby

The hotel doesn't look interesting exterior-wise..but i love the room which is super spacious..with 2 queen size bed and a big bathroom. The hotel staff are also very friendly, when you are walking towards them, they will stand to the side to let you pass and will wish you Sa-Wa-Dee-Kap like almost everytime you bump into them. Also the hotel provides breakfast everyday-American and some local food.

His plate

My plate.

From my plate, you will notice my love for carbs hence the rice and the noodles. I love the noodle so much. The springy texture, looks abit like glass noodle but doesn't taste like 1..till now I'm still unsure of the name of the noodles.

I also had a taste of the famous McD teriyaki pork burger which is not available in Malaysia. The burger is definitely not my type...the sauce, the just doesn't go well with the bread and the lettuce...

I think during the whole trip, Jungceylon is the place that we visit the most.. It is like the largest shopping mall in Patong..or maby the only mall there..i duno. Everytime i visit a new country, i like to visit their supermarket for their snacks and cup noodles.

 We chose not to stay in Patong because due to its popularity Patong is more of a nite place n the beach is too crowded, also because of the difference in the price. Nevertheless, Patong is more happening, compared to Karon which is more relaxing and quiet..not much tourist in Karon if you compared it to Patong. Also more choices when it comes to food.


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