Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Decos Everywhere @ Midvalley

Every mall has put much efforts in decorating this xmas. So, as a hardworking blogger, I went to all, almost la haha, to snap photos and present it to everyone here. So must support me okie...

So, 1st stop is Midvalley with Funtoystic theme. From the name you can guess that the theme got something to do with toys, and I mean big toys. Real big toys like the below big bear. And it is not even the biggest on display. The way it sits is like so selamba, like the-don't-come-and-disturb-me type, I-just wana-sit-here-N-look-at-the-people-going-ga-ga-over-me type.

Also, the below, I-don't-give-a-damn stuffed toys.

It brings back so much of childhood memories. Everything is so colorful.

Giant toy block.

Big-ass-evil looking toy soldier

Cutie merry go round. Very fantasy-like, I likey.

More pictures of the decos:

Photo with both my dearie sis...Look, I din lie, look at the giant bear behind us.

Imagine if all the toys come to live like the movie Toy Story, we will be so dead, the toys is all so huge-y ..

Compared with the decos in Midvalley, the decos in Gardens seems so plain. The theme is white xmas tho. The lazy me only took 2 photos but not gona post...cos the photos din turn out nice...but mainly because I'm a lazy blogger, lpus I'm going out now.. tata...


bacterium said...

I don't know if you need a better camera or it's just that the blogger tool somehow makes the images appear quite blur.

Merry christmas yo.

meichi said...

i guess is my mistake...i resized te pics..cos im worry that blogger has a size limit..
btw..any recommendation on pic-resizimg tool??
merry xmas to u too .. n__n

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