Thursday, December 23, 2010

Charity for Xmas

Jingle bell, jingle bell, la lal la la la~~
Christmas is drawing near, every children may have at least gotten a gift that they want from their loved ones. But, what about the unfortunate one. Those that even their own parents does not want to look after, those being abandon by their parents. What is christmas for them? Without loved ones by their side, is it still a merry xmas for them?

I guess just a simple gift from a stranger can make them happy. And so, the evil me who has done bad things all thru out the year had decided to be a kind-hearted one, at least for a day. But all this gift thingy is random and I had never thought of doing it at first.

Things happened one fine day when I am shopping-ing @ Suway Giza at Kota Damansara. I came across a giant xmas tree with cards hanging all around them. Out of curiosity, I went and have a peep. It is all wishes from unfortunate children, their wish for this christmas. I became abit teary after looking at those cards, but it did not cross my mind at 1st to get a card from the tree. Being the kiam and poor me, I decided to walk off.

But at the end, I get a card and decided to be good at least once in my lifetime...And so below is the card I've taken, which is like weeks ago.

I have been keeping the cards for weeks and when I almost forget about it, my sis both remind me, saying that it would be sad if the children did not have a prez for this xmas.

So, I went to the mall this morning to be a good santa to get a gift for dear Kah Wei.

Lala~ la... walking around the mall to look for gift like the above santa. And god bless Kah Wei, at last I did bought something for him. At least he will get what he wants this xmas. Although it is not something expensive. Hope he will like it..

Being the clumsy me, I forgot to buy a wrapping paper, so I decided to go green and used the calendar to wrap the gift. Nice also what.

The gift all ready, what I need to do next is to visit Cafe Mbuji @ Sunway Giza to drop the gift and there, my first charity in my whole life. Phew ..

So, if you have been very nice all your life or have just decided to be nice, like me, just drop by at Sunway Giza to do some charity. There is also boxes for you to donate items like toys, clothes, books, etc which will be send to the unfortunate in Africa.

God bless every one..and me ^__^

Oh yeah...some random pic that I snapped in Carrefour, Subang. Hopefully that the green button works, unlike Tesco, which also has this kind of program few months back, yet I see no improvement.


Euniceee said...

hey ya... Dropping by to wish u a merry Christmas^^

meichi said...

thankiu...merry xmas to u too babe n__n

Feather Fansey said...

wao~ is the child a orphan? :o
it will be a great christmas for him with your present ^^
merry christmas :)

meichi said...

im not sure whther he's an orphan but he's special.. n__n
merry xmas to u too, babe

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