Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coconut At Its Best

Malacca is famous for its chicken rice ball, orh jien, wanton noodles, from my opinion lo, but there's a hidden treasure, somewhere near Klebang.For those who do not know where is Klebang, it is the beach area at Malacca. Look out for the signboard for klebang or Holiday Inn or Mahkota Parade. If you are near Holiday Inn, you are only minutes away from the stall. Sorry, as I'm bad in giving direction.

I duno why, but everytime I visit Malacca, the weather is dam hot and so everytime I must have a nice, cooling cup of coconut shake to quench my thirst.

The coco-nuts.

The busy pakcik, who are busy opening the coconuts all the time I was there.

There is the normal coconut shake, where they will blend the coconut together with wall's ice cream, thus the creamy, thick texture. Or, you can have the special coconut shake with an extra scoop of ice cream on top of the shake.

Although blended, you can still taste the bits of coconut in your drink. Even a person like me who doesn't like coconuts, are loving the shake. The price of the drink ranges from Rm 1.50 to RM 2.50.

The smart -me, sits nicely and wait for the drinks to be served in front of me.

Look at the crowd, who are willing to queue up at the roadside in a hot afternoon.

Other than coconut shake, the stall also sells nasi lemak, mee goreng, bee hun goreng and some kuih muih. The bee hoon has a thick texture and is quite spicy...but I love the mee goreng and nasi lemak.

You can spot the stall on your right, on the way to Klebang. The stall is before Caltex.

My noob map.. or you can look up in google and look for Caltex Klebang Besar.

After the coconut shake, we went to the nearby beach for a walk. There is no soft, smooth sand or rich blue sea, but the wind at the beach is very suitable for flying kite. And so, we bought a small-sized kite at RM 10. Original price is at RM 12, we use our bargaining skill and ta-dah..can use te RM 2 to buy 1 more coconut shake.

Sho windy~

Add-in thread so that the kite can fly higher.

Our kite behind us, the lower one..haha

Yeah..see..the kite is flying so high~

Lucky us, spotted rainbow, abit dim, tho.

Lonely silhouette with sunset view at Klebang.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jarrod & Rawlins

Went Jarrod & Rawlins the other day for dinner. The restaurant is located at Damansara Height which is not really that far from Sunway, but it took us about an hour to reached due to traffic jam.

SS in the car.

My outfit of the day, bought this at Forever 21 @ RM59. We parked at the office building opposite Jarrod & Rawlins, rate is RM3 per entry after 5pm.

Reached the banglo, ehh the restaurant at last ..

The table's deco.

Pick your favorite meat from the deli counter: bacons, sausages, pork ribs, beef, hams...then your sauce, sides and they will prepare it for you. The meats is charged according to its weight.

Our drinks : Appletiser (sparkling juice), RM 11.50, chocolate milk shake RM 12.

Posing with the Apple-tiser while waiting for our food to arrive.

My mushroom & bacon carbonara linguini, RM 27. Very creamy indeed and quite big portion, should have order the sandwiches, did not do research on the restaurant first, thus unsure of what to order, and make the wrong choice. T.T. The linguini is tasty nonetheless, but must be shared.

Meats from the deli counter. Pork Ribs, RM 18.22, Dynamite chicken sausage, RM 4.84, Onion gravy RM 2 and the baked potato RM 8. Everything total up is RM 33.06. Much worthy than my pasta.

The pork chop is very tender and juicy, served together with a piece of big fat skin, but both of us dislikes fatty skin, thus a few grams wasted. The sausage is too spicy, we shall try the other sausages during our next visit. The onion gravy is just like ordinary gravy with a few piece of onion. There is also complimentary sauce, you can choose from : English/Djon mustard, HP (i duno what is this), mayo, tomato, cranberry, apple, wasabi, tobasco.

After the eating, we rover around the suppose-to-be relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is quite noisy, but the noise is still acceptable.Alot of people, i supposed they are having their xmas dinner. Afterall, it is a good experience, will definitely drop by again for the meatssss.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lai Choon Bah Kut Teh, Klang

BKT which stands for bah kut teh, is a well-known food in Klang. Some Klang folks can have bkt for all 3 meals...keng ah...but as for me, I will satisfy my craving for bkt at least once a week, usually on Sunday morning.  If you are living in klang, you are blessed with plenty of good bkt restaurant, but if you are not,ermm, my advice is to travel to klang for its bkt and you will never want to eat bkt from other places anymore, at least for me lar..haha

Lai Choon BKT, is located in Meru, somewhere behind Klang Parade. It is stiuated next to Pin Chou Restaurant. Lai Choon is famous for its dry bah kut teh. The pork intestines here are good, nonetheless, thoroughly cleaned, doesn't have a foul taste but remeber to have it in the dry version, it doesn't taste as good in the normal BKT.

Look at the crowd and the 'umbrellas'.

The entrance to the shop, also where they cooked the bah kut teh. It is hard to find a place to sit during the weekends.

The bah kut teh's best friend.

Yummy fragrant rice for rice tong like me.

You can also add the fried shallots to make it more, ermm, fragrant.

Here it comes, the soupy herbal porky pot, with the right amount of taufu pok, fu pei (dried beancurd), mushrooms and lettuce. The pot  above is for 3 persons portion.

The nice, tender pork. I will usually order '小骨', meaning small bone. You can add the soup if you want, but remember to vacuum dry the soup before adding in new ones, the new one have a strong herbal taste.

The main dish - dry BKT, 2 person's portion,. The meat for the dry version is very tender, the black sauce is a bit spicy and a bit sweet, salty too with the presence of salted fish, but not too salty.

Our 2 pots - soupy and the dry version which comes up to a total of RM 46.50 for 5 pax.

 The price list. If you can see, it is RM 10 for 1 person, RM17 for 1 and a half, RM19 for 2 person, but it depends on the meat that you order. With a full stomach, we can go back and sleep on such a bright day, no wonder I grow so much meat nowadays.

The address:
Restoran Lai Choon
116, Jalan Pekan Baru Off Jalan Meru, Klang

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Decos Everywhere @ Midvalley

Every mall has put much efforts in decorating this xmas. So, as a hardworking blogger, I went to all, almost la haha, to snap photos and present it to everyone here. So must support me okie...

So, 1st stop is Midvalley with Funtoystic theme. From the name you can guess that the theme got something to do with toys, and I mean big toys. Real big toys like the below big bear. And it is not even the biggest on display. The way it sits is like so selamba, like the-don't-come-and-disturb-me type, I-just wana-sit-here-N-look-at-the-people-going-ga-ga-over-me type.

Also, the below, I-don't-give-a-damn stuffed toys.

It brings back so much of childhood memories. Everything is so colorful.

Giant toy block.

Big-ass-evil looking toy soldier

Cutie merry go round. Very fantasy-like, I likey.

More pictures of the decos:

Photo with both my dearie sis...Look, I din lie, look at the giant bear behind us.

Imagine if all the toys come to live like the movie Toy Story, we will be so dead, the toys is all so huge-y ..

Compared with the decos in Midvalley, the decos in Gardens seems so plain. The theme is white xmas tho. The lazy me only took 2 photos but not gona post...cos the photos din turn out nice...but mainly because I'm a lazy blogger, lpus I'm going out now.. tata...

Christmas Decos Everywhere @ Pavillion

This post is special for pictures from the malls I went before Christmas... Just some random decos photos.. Enjoy.


The grand, ermm curtain that you will saw when you enter from the main entrance.

The gold steel angels greeting you before the stairs.

The reindeers.

The wide shot of the decos.

Random: Sad bears which is being trap in a golden cage

Mickey balloon.

The mui with reindeer balloon. I think this is cuter than those of the decos.

The balloons for sale, range from RM1 to RM5.

The heart shape balloon. Sweet. RM 1 each.

The montage of Pavillion decos.. Phail T__T

The whole theme for pavillion this year is golden grande...haha..i made that up..cos it is grand with gold and red decos nad it is grand.. lol...

Next up: Decos at midvalley... Theme : toys..yeah
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