Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Food Diary in Korea

Just got back from our 2nd honeymoon from the cold and dry Korea. Wanted to celebrate 2017 New Year over there, but we were too old for that kind of thing.

So we ended up using most of our time & money for food.

We had Udon with various fish cakes nearby our Airbnb stay (near Sindang station). Price is at 7,000won (approx.RM28). Perfect for the cold weather.

At the same restaurant, we also ordered the Potato pancake. It was huge and expensive, 12,000 won for 2 pieces. But it was good, similar to Rosti back home.

Next, we had spring onion & seafood jeon (pancake) at Tosokchon

The satisfying Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) at Tosokchon. Came here 3 times and it never disappoints me :)

After a few days of korean food, the hubby needed some pork fix, hence we dropped by Hong Dae and went into on of the hippie restaurant and ordered the bacon-like pork meat with seasoned vegetable. This plate here costed us 19,000 won. But the portion is huge though.

And I ordered the beef patties with cheese, tasted so-so but it was crazy spicy. Priced at 19,000won. We had this on NYE, so we splurged as it was the last meal for 2016. Total spent for this meal was almost RM80!

We also had Jeonbokjuk (Abalone Porridge) at Jeju shi. We did not know which restaurant to go to, hence we used foursquare for recommendations. This restaurant is located about 10mins drive from Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Jeju. I think the price was 10,000 won.)

The porridge was flavorful with abalone sweetness, but it was a little bit bland. Goes well with the banchan.

One night at Jeju, nearby our hotel area, Jungmun, I was craving for Korean Streetfood, hence we walked into this humble shop selling the above combo - Gimbap, Mandu, Teokbokki & Eomuk - it is basically stir-fried rice roll, rice cake, dumpling and fish cake with an extra serving of egg. It was priced at 6,000won. So satisfying, but I think i gained 2kg after finishing this :)

Top view of my satisfying korean street food all-in-one plate and hubs stir fried pork.

We chanced upon a restaurant serving noodle with a lot of korean nearby Yeongmeori Coast. We had the Pork Broth Noodle and Egg Noodle. Portion was huge and each bowl costed 10,000 won. We wanted to try the Sashimi Noodle (dry noodle with generous servings of vegetables and sashimi), but the owner informed us that it will be very spicy, hence no sashimi noodle for us. But most of the tables did order the 'super spicy' noodle and we regretted not ordering :(

On our last day, we had huge scallop for dinner.

It is a huge pot of shellfish - scallop, oyster, lala (clams), octopus, abalone, tiger prawn with the price of 59,000 won (approx. RM240). Do take note that this is not hot-pot, no soup whatsoever, as the seafoods are steamed. And the lalas come in all diffrent sizes. Seafood was fresh, but we did not managed to finish it all. And after the meal, we are afraid with the sight of clams for some period of time :(


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