Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jolie Nana Boutique

Hi all. Million apologies for the absence. Work has been taking up alot of my time.

And when I'm not working, I'll be managing my new found online store-Jolie Nana Boutique Why Jolie Nana and not any other names?

I don't know too, just hoping our stock will help to make all girls pretty. For those who doesn't know Jolie Nana is the French word for pretty girl.

Come over to our FB page to support us.

Skater Dress with Lacy Back (RM49)

Pretty in Lace (RM36)

And when I'm not doing the above 2, I'll be dreaming of travelling all around the world. But with the recent competition between airlines, it is actually benefiting us the consumer.

To me it is more travelling #happy#, which also means no $$. I know I have not been updating on my HK trip, promise will do so once I'm free.

Have taken tons of pictures during the trip to be shared with all. But just got no time to edit it all. Sorry sorry..

Ending this post with stinky tofu girl with her yummy-licious HK Stinky Tofu. buhbye~


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