Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Free Mori @ Shah Alam

Free Mori in Shah Alam is a very nice place for teatime with delicious bakeries and cakes. The bakeries are inspired by recipes from Taiwan.

The bakery is situated in the middle of Shah Alam's industrial area. When we reached, the whole place is empty, with us being their only patrons. Hmm...I wondered what's their strategy by having a bakery in the mid of factories.

Nice seating for you to enjoy their freshly baked bakeries.

The cake above is labelled 'Black Forest', RM7.50 in their shelf. Although it tasted nothing like black forest cake, it tasted good, with layers of rich chocolate.

Opera, RM7.50. Nice coffee taste.

This thing here I've no idea what it is, cos there's no label. There is a slice of strawberry in between the choco cream. The berries is sourish and it goes well with the cream. But too bad, I'm not a cream person.

This bread above I love it so much, Mille Danish, RM4. I prefer this to mille crepes, as I'm not a cake person but carbs, I cannot resist.There are layers of thin breads and the outer layer is crispy. And if you can, ask them to reheat to enhance the crispiness.

Apart from bakeries and cakes, Free Mori also serves actual food/main courses.

Drop by if you're nearby the area to try it yourself.

3A, Jalan Ragum 15/17,
40200 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 03-5518 608 Open from 8am-9pm


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