Sunday, August 21, 2011

Murni Discovery USJ & Sunway

I had always loved Murni at SS2, for the varieties they served over there but I rarely pay a visit to SS2 Murni. I hate the traffic at that area and also the restaurant's crowd, you'll never manage to get a table especially yum cha time.

But to my surprise, as I was surfing the net, I came across Murni Discovery at USJ and also Dataran Mentari, Sunway. We were so happy we had dinner in Murni Discovery 2 nights in a row. So near leh...where can don't try....

The USJ branch is located just opposite Taipan and the Sunway branch is at Dataran Mentari, just next to 99 Speedmart. I'm lazy to post the address here.Just google up the address and use a gps, voila....that easy...I ♥smartphones. The USJ Murni does not serve all the foods in the menu, there is some items which are only available at Sunway and SS2.

Roti Hawaii...RM6? with spider web on it. I think their quality has drop. I find the Roti Hawaii abit dry compared with the 1st one I had years back.

The fillings in the roti canai : sausage, minced chicken, pineapple, a lil bit of cheese. 

Claypot Lou Shu Fan. Yummy...I think this is RM5. I tried this in both outlet, I think the 1 in USJ is tastier. The Sunway's is too salty.

The famous Murni Mee Raja, priced at RM10. I find it too expensive.Portion's too big, it can feed 3 person. Alot of mee with plenty of prawns and crab stick.

Nasi Goreng Bacon. RM7. Nothing special, but the fried rice tasted ok. I should try the Western food there...hmmphh...

Murni Supper Set. 

That's it for this post. Not much to write about Murni. Just try it yourself...ta~tA~


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