Monday, June 13, 2011

Our World, Their War

I guess most of us are familiar with the word Transformer... popularized by the film Transformer (2007) featuring the very sexy Megan Fox.

Picture taken from New York
The film is a huge success..with explosive action, sexy Megan Fox and also sexy cars like:

Chevrolet Camaro which transforms into Bumble Bee.

And of course from the pictures above, you guys can guess that I will be transforming into Bumble Bee to protect the world. One of the main reason is because I love the striking yellow, also the look of the car.

There's a twist though, there will be many Bumble Bees which will be operated by humans. Why? Because its is our world, thus we, humans must also be in the role to protect it.

The Bees (Bumble Bee) will be in the form of Chevrolet Camaro before it transforms to attract human into driving it. It will then be activated with the Ultimate Movie Card with the option to 'Protect or Destroy'.

The humans who enter into the vehicle will need to choose whether to protect or destroy. This step is to prevent from having people with the wrong intention to have control over the 'Bees'.

Also Megan-Fox lookalike will be assigned to each car to attract more people.

My strategy for winning is by using girls, cars, as well as quantity, with the amount of people in the world, the chances of winning the war is very high.


Qi Wen said...

Good luck! :)

meichi said...

qiwen: thksss babe n_n

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