Thursday, June 30, 2011

KFC Ole Pocketful

It is lunch time again. What? KFC? But I'm on diet. I can't have fried chicken. I have a bet on hand and I must lose that extra weight. Also, I do not wish to have my hand oily by eating chicken. How how? Oh yeah, there's a new advertisement I saw on TV.. the 'ole' KFC twister look-alike.

This is it. I have the a-la carte from RM6.80 before tax. The set comes with one regular potato wedges and one regular 7-up. Since I’m on a diet, I did not want to have the extra wedges and soft drinks. Plus, I have no need to save money.

To my surprise, the Ole Pocketful is very large. It is bigger than the size of my palm. And there goes my diet. Nevermind, ‘tomorrow only diet’. The fillings in the tortilla wrap: Tender Zinger Fillet, diced tomatoes, crunchy corn chios, juicy pineapples, cheese, Mexcano sauce.

My opinion of KFC Ole Pocketful: serving is a bit large for someone on diet, for normal people (girls who are not on diet, it is quite filling), I can’t really taste the tomato: I guess it’s because the Mexcano sauce is too strong in taste, the sauce is good, but the sauce basically covers all the other ingredient’s taste. Although there is cheese in it, I can’t really taste it. I loved the Zinger fillet though, crispy and when eaten with the tortilla wrap, you can’t really feel the oiliness.

I read somewhere that 30th June is the last day for this KFC Ole Pocketful promotion. Is it? Nevermind, there is this FB contest/game from 27/6-17/7 , where you can win yourself trips to places like Sabah, Redang and Perhentian. Click here to play. The game is so easy; a noob like me can play. The best thing about this contest is that you do not have to have any proof of purchase to join.

Enough of talking, I gonna go play the Ole Wave Contest to win myself some prizes. Wish me luck!!

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David said...

Yummy! KFC Ole Pocketful!

Ho kang tao said...

Your capture make it looks yummy-licious!
Will grab one soon~

meichi said...

thk u both ^^

Random-Apples said...

why did i read this when im hungry!! nooo!! T.T

meichi said...

random-apples: n_n

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