Friday, April 22, 2011

Taipei Hotel 73

We stayed in Hotel 73 during the last day of out trip to Taiwan. The link to the hotel website is provided in case you wanted to have a look at it. At first we decide to stay in different hotels/hostel during our 7 days trip, but we were just to lazy to look around for hotels while carrying our luggages.

Lazy people like us should just book a hotel and just stay there for your entire trip to save the hassle of finding new hotels each day, as well as save time. But I will try staying in different hotels for my next trip. This is because  1) You can have the experience of staying in many different hotels 
2) Every hotel has different attractions nearby which makes it easier for you to visit, if you are just staying nearby
3) Just for the fun of it, and you can boast to your friend that you had stay in many-many hotels

Creative HO73L = Hotel 73

Eating the stolen free biscuits in the hotel lobby. There is also a Mac pc at the lobby for hotel guest use.

Comfortable room and nice wall stickers.

The room's quite budget.NT$2300  with breakfast provided. There are plenty of Hongkie (HK) guest in the hotel.

Sisterly love. The loves of my life.

Hotel 73 is very near to Chiang Kai Shek memorial. It is only a few minutes walk from the hotel. Help is provided by the not-very friendly hotel staff. We went for a walk there and took a few pictures.

The 3 of us with Chiang Kai Shek in the background.

Bought this cuties in a shop nearby the hotel. NT$ 500 for 2.

No food in this post. Will update on the Din Tai Fung and Jay Chou in the next entry(s), if I'm not lazy. Arrgghh...Be a more efficient blogger...urghh


bacterium said...

Hey, the room is NTD230 only? that is like 24 ringgit per room... Well, no way we can find any hotel at this rate over here.

MiqTravellers said...

The room look so nice and the cute mickey mouse bike ! :)

meichi said...

bacterium: ^^
Miq: thks n_n

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Wow the scooter so cute! But NT500 for 2 quite expensive to me :) Never been in Taiwan but will definitely try Hotel 73 if got the chance.

meichi said...

Rolling: yeah. It's expensive for me too.. Bt fun care Lo. On vacation ma. Haha

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