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Taiwan: Fu Hang Dou Jiang-阜杭豆漿

During our second day in Taiwan, we went to visit 阜杭豆漿: Fu Hang Dou Jiang which is located on the 2nd floor of Hua Shan Market. We took the MRT to Shandao Station from Taipei Main Station for NT20 if I'm not mistaken.

Hua Shan Market is located just right to the exit of the station. The shop is famous for its soy milk and chinese pastry. Since there is alot of positive review on Fu Hang, we decided to give it a try despite the rain.

Us in our room preparing to Get Out & Get Wet ( its raining, thats why)

The view of the street from the hotel's balcony.

The MRT's ticket vending machine, with prices ranging from NT20-50. Look for your destination from the map, where the price is stated, then on the machine, select the price of the place you are going, then how many tickets you require.

Or you can also buy a ticket for NT50, which is usable in certain train lines and bus, with NT10 deposit.

Look for this signboard and you are on the right track to 阜杭豆漿, Fu Hang.

Everything on sale is written in chinese, if you are like us-chinese illiterate, get a chinese literate friend with you. We just randomly point at the board and mentioned a few of its famous snacks to order.I read from a blog that they have a menu in English with visual, for those who really need it can try asking for it.

Things worth trying at Fu Hang: Dou Jiang ( Soy Milk) - sweet/salty, You Tiao (Chinese Oil Stick or Chinese crulle fried bread stick, got this info here), Dan Bing & Hou Bing.

It is actually located in a food court, but when we were there all the other stalls are closed and most of the patrons are there for Fu Hang. I heard that the food court had just recently being renovated, thus it looks new and modern.

My sis with our chinese breakfast. Although the queue is long, it does't seem long for our turn to reach and with a bit of pin-point here and there, voila, our breakfast is ready. Tip: Be prepared with what you want before hand because the staff there is rushy efficient, as to avoid other customer to wait.

Breakfast for 3 (NT145): Two bowls of Soy Milk, You Tiao,Chong Hua Ping, Dan Bing, Hou Bing. My apology, I really duno how to translate the names to english.

The sweet soy milk is just like the one in Msia, ntg to shout about. The salty version is something different. It feels like the Chawan Mushi in Japanese restaurant, the salty soy milk comes with scallions with more stuff which I can't identify.

Next to the bowl of soy milk is the Dan Bing, which is basically egg wrapped with fried flour, I love it, the outer is crispy and the egg is fluffy, very similar with our Roti Telur but oilier and with less flour.

The two below is Hou Bing Jia Dan which translates to thick biscuit wrap egg. The bread is very soft but for this I recommend you to share it with another friend. They also have the other version where you tiao is being wrap in the hou bing.

Me with the famous You Tiao, look at the size, so long. As for the taste, I can't really remember, but for that size, it is quite light compared to the one in Malaysia. Those we have here is heavy because of its flour, hence every bite of it feels like you are eating flour. The Fu Hang version is lighter and is crispy.

Next to the you tiao is the Chong Hua You Ping, which is like the Seremban Siew Pau, only the meat tasted different.

One conclusion that I can make after 2 days in Taiwan: Taiwanese really do love spring onion aka green onion. Almost every food has it.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang is worth the try and remember not to over order as the portion is big.

With a full stomach, we start exploring the street of Taipei, and we saw this cute bikes.

Next, we visit the Sogo Department store before heading to Ximen.

Nothing much for us to shop in Sogo, as most of the outlets are branded ones, thus we just took a few pictures before heading to our next destination.

Hello Kitty cakes, spotted in the food level in Sogo.

With nothing much to do, we then head to Ximending. Our day-2 in Taiwan is unplanned, thus we just go to whichever place that cross our mind. Ximenting is a popular shopping district according to wikipedia. But I can't agree with the statement,maybe it is because we did not do any research on what to do there before hand, resulting in us not knowing where to go.

First thing we did when we reach Ximen is to visit the chinese version of McD, located to a mall next to the Ximen station. To our disappointment, no pork burgers served in their Mcd, like what we thought. Ended up eating the McChicken together with corn soup, at least something different from Malaysia.

But from what I heard, the Taiwan's McD do serve pork, but only in their breakfast menu, too bad we do not have the luck (maybe next time).

After that, we went to the toilet to snap a few more pictures, at the same thing deciding on where to go next.

Always plan on your trip, or will result in the above lost-with-no-where-to-go photos. So, after, so many vain pix, where have we decided to go?

Stay tuned for the next post ya..


~Snowman~ said...

nice trip u have! cute bikes btw! =P

Lim Kai Shin said...


˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Ur outfits are so cute and prettie ^^

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wow ! nice trip ! I like Taiwan also ! Will go travel to Taiwan 1 day ! the food look yummy and the bike is cute ! and yeah i want to go ximending ! =D

meichi said...

snowman: thks for visiting ^^
kaishin: ^^
steph: thks ^^
jayren: yeah..taiwan is a must go!!

Chong said...

wah the yao zha guai so long wei...hahaha...nice ma???yor i tak sabar sabar to go la...i mau i mau i mau...


meichi said...

xm: haha...very panjang hoh...ok..nex time i go, i bring bac giv u

Chong said...

wait till you bring back already 'lou fung' lo...i don't time we go tgt la...hahaha...


meichi said...

sure sure...wait for ur call...

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