Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost Forgotten CNY 'love letter'

Kuih kapit, which is also known as Love Letter or even Egg Roll to some, are slowly being forgotten, due to its complicated-ness of the process and the long hours needed to make the kuih...maybe not so serious still I find that most people nowadays do not really prefer kuih kapit anymore, maybe because of its boring color?

I still remember when I first had a taste of kuih kapit, it is very crispy with just the right amount of sweetness. I first witness the process of making kuih kapit when I'm still young, where I patiently watched my neighbour pouring the batter on the mould 1 by 1, and then placing them on top of the charcoal.

Then, time to time, she needs to check whether it is done. All this need alot of patience and dedication, not to mention, time also.

Last few weeks, I had a chat with my sis boyf's mother while she's doing the kuih kapit and I managed to capture a few pictures of the process.

She starts making the kuih kapit since 8 in the morning, sitting on the bench pouring..


scraping off the edges...

and finally shaping it while it is still burning hot.

She sits there till 12pm to finish off the batter. Talk about time being wasted~ but I guess, in this case it is time being well-spent?, making cookies for her loved ones?

The whole house smells so good, I can't control but to have a few kuih kapit while it is still fresh off the charcoal. Yummy to the max, and it does bring back a lot of my childhood memories.

Eating kuih kapit signals that chinese new year are drawing near, and omg I'm one year older..NO!!

Anyway have a prosperous year ahead. Happy early CNY!!


Dewi Batrishya said...

Sweet post!!
This is my most fav raya cookies! XD
Thanks for sharing.
Great effort. :)

Lim Kai Shin said...

I remember my grandma used to make those too. But she is too old to do it now. :(

meichi said...

Dewi: thks ^^
Kaishin: T.T nvm..u can make it for her..

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wow ! my mum used to make kuih kapit also last time. hehe ! it's nice ! i wondering this year got people give my family kuih kapit or not . I kind o miss kuih kapit . =D

esther said...

yummy... They still sell this so much at my place

Teratai Ibunda Catering said...

i love this kuih also =)

meichi said...

jayren: lol...pray harder den sum1 will give it to ur family tis year..
esther: ^^
teratai: me too ^^

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