Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exploding Orh Jien @ Fried Oyster Egg

Southern park is an old 'taman' located somewhere near to the Klang General Hospital. Southern Park is where Soon Tong is located. The restaurant is a new-found love for us, the family. We really heart the 'Tit Pan Orh Jien', which is the Hot Plate Oyster Egg.

The restaurant is located at Taman Selatan Klang. As on how to get there, 1st you must know where is the Klang General Hospital, and if you are coming from the Klang town direction, be prepared to turn right when you saw an Esso petrol station on your left. After you turn in, you will saw &-eleven on your left. Turn left again at the 2nd junction, which is after 7-eleven. Then drive along the road till the end, Soon Tong is at the end of the rows of shop on your right.

The shop.

Fried Hokkien Bee-Hoon. The Bee Hoon is a bit thick, should order the hokkien mee next time.

'Yin Yong', cantonese style beehun & kuey teow, in a wok.

Hot Plate Oyster Egg @ RM18. Look at the amount of oyster, covering the eggs.

The must-order for us in Soon Tong is the hot plate orh-jien. It tasted so good and it is full of oyster where you can barely see the eggs.The oysters are all very fresh and quite big in size. It is so fresh that when you bite the oysters, you can feel it exploding in your mouth.

The fat & juicy oyster.

The ' Har Gou', salted egg prawn mantis. The texture is a bit hard.

Close-up of the har gou.

One more must-order from Soon Thong is the Fish Paste wrapped with fish maw. Just order and try it for yourself. For 'Orh Jien' lover out there, Soon Thong is definitely a must-try. The restaurant is also famous for its smoked duck, but I had never tried before. Also- also the Pai Kuat Beehoon, nice but a bit priceyn the fried chee cheong fun..haha...quite alot of delicious foods in Soon Tong. Come~ come to Klang.

Food Rating: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5


YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Haha orh jien!! >< The orh jien i ate is crispy friend wan. But still, i dun like ><
Btw, followed you in networked blog ya :)

dori_lukey said...


meichi said...

@yeeing: ^^ thks..followed ur yeeingng.blogspot too ...

Hilda Milda™ said...

waaa this is my first time seeing hot plate ou jien! :O and they sure are generous with the amount of oysters!

HocanLai said...

Hot Plate Oyster Egg !! i wan eat!!!!

Your Humble Servant said...

awwww i wanna eat oyster...

bacterium said...

Wet oyster omelette.. I prefer the dry one. Usually we order hokkien noodle + bee hoon mixed. Now the new style is salted egg vege, just ordered salted egg kai lan the other day.. it is so good! Too bad Klang is way too far from here.

meichi said...

bacterium: i tried te dry version b4, but i stil prefer te hot plate... hehe..
thks for the recommendation...salted egg kailan on our next trip..
^^im blessed s im stayin in

Budak Botak said...

Hope u can join me to put your link in my blog

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Tan Ah Kee said...

Although high in cholesterol would like to try this Oo chien in Soon Thong. Must be deliciously evil.

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