Sunday, November 20, 2016

13 days Japan Honeymoon with JR Pass

After our simple & small wedding at the beautiful and peaceful Enderong Resort at Janda Baik, we packed and are ready to go for our honeymoon at Japan!

It was quite a last minute plan (the honeymoon, not the wedding!), as we need to calculate all the budgets accordingly before deciding whether or not to have a honeymoon.

At last, we decided to just go ahead, as money can be earned back, but honeymoon is once in a lifetime....excuses! And as I am writing this, we are planning for our upcoming South Korea Winter Trip!!!

This will be a short & sweet summary of our not-so-summer trip to Japan. Will update in details soon!

Here's a rough itinerary & cost of our Japan Honeymoon in June 2016:

Based on 100yen = RM3.80
Flight Tickets (ANA Air) for 2 pax : RM2,757.80
JR Pass (14 days) for 2 pax              : RM3,447.48 / 92,780 yen
Pocket Wifi (Ninja) - 4 Days            : Free with ANA Ticket Promo
Pocket Wifi (Pupuru) - 9 days          : RM263.44 / 6,912 yen
Hotel (mostly guesthouse)                : RM3,388.64
Meals, Transport, Souvenir              : RM 7,524.00 / 198,000 yen
TOTAL                                            : RM17,381.36 

Basic Itinerary

Day 1            Arrived at Narita Airport, Get JR Pass, settled down at Tokyo
Day 2            Travelled to Hakone, Pirate Ship, Hakone Jinja Shrine
Day 3            Shinkansen to Osaka, Den Den Town, Shinsaibashi
Day 4            Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama Bamboo Groove
Day 5            Osaka Castle, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Shinsaibashi (BBQ Buffet)
Day 6            Back to Tokyo - Akihabara
Day 7            Depart to Hakodate - Red Brick Warehouse, Chinese burger & Omu Rice, Izakaya
Day 8            Sapporo - Susukino
Day 9            Farm Tomita - Lavender ice cream
Day 10          Otaru Canal - Suitengu Shrine, BBQ Buffet Dinner (crab fiesta)
Day 11-13     Explore Tokyo City

Thanks for reading! Till the next update..

Thanks for reading!


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