Monday, February 16, 2015

The Baboon House @ Malacca

A cosy, warm cafe located not far away from the busy Jonker Street, The Baboon House is a place to go if you need to escape from the heat and crowd and have a nice cup of coffee with good burgers.

I did not managed to take any pictures of the cafe, but believe me, when you are at the cafe you would not want to leave. 

As usual, we are always on the look for food in the makan city aka Malacca and the sis recommended that we should chill at The Baboon House instead of the usual Wantan Mee, Chicken Rice ball or even Nadeje

Enough of babbling, let's have a look at what we had:

Of course it has to be the burger as it occupied the biggest space on the menu, and as not all of us can take beef, we ordered the pork chop burger instead. My take? The meat is rich in flavour but is lacking on juicy-ness. And if you're a bacon lover, they are not stingy on their bacons.

Aloha Burger (with pork chop) at RM19.90

Look at how thick the burger is. There's the patty, pineapple, veges, and streaky bacon.

Then we also had the Baboon Green Salad at RM14

It is not your average healthy salad, there's bacon, popcorn chicken, toast, apple and cheese. Good if you want something healthy but still need to have some unhealthy-ness..get what I mean? 

As we felt that the popcorn chicken in the Baboon Salad is insufficient for us the meat lover, we ordered additional Popcorn Chicken at RM6.50

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shūkaku Shabu Shabu House @ Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang

We went to try out the newly open Shabu Shabu place (Shūkaku Shabu Shabu)nearby our house the other day. And yes, buffet, again...I can't believe myself either. It is priced at RM28.80 per person for dinner eat-all-you-can buffet.

With Groupon deal, it is priced at RM20.

Like the usual shabu shabu place, the ingredients is placed on the kaiten belt and you were to serve yourself. There were 4 types of soups to choosed from: Herbal Soup, Szechuan Spicy Soup, Signature Clear Soup & Tomyam.

We had the first 2, service was prompt and the waiter was helpful.

The beef slice was good, but the mui found the pork slice a bit tasteless. The scallop was big but lacked it's 'scallop' taste.

After first few rounds of snapping, I gave up as the stomach is growling and that explained the lack of picture.

We also had some of the fried stuff and my favourite is the fried sweet potato ball (1st picture).

You will get an additional 5% off if you check-in to their Facebook page.

So the next time you have Shabu Shabu craving and do not want to drive all the way to Puchong, you may drop by at:
No.9, Lorong Batu Nilam 21C,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 Klang 41200
 Tel: 012-609 3293

Thursday, February 5, 2015

HK Trip: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好運)

Tim Ho Wan craze has finally come to KL, Malaysia. And this reminds me of my visit to the original Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Specialty store in Hong Kong. Since it is located at Mongkok (place where we stayed during our trip), we decided to wake up early and the naive us thought we are early enough. But I read somewhere that the first shop in Mongkok has been closed down since 2013 :(

While queuing, we got bored and so the little mui took an artsy pic of us.

And it is the first and only Michelin star restaurant (cheapest Michelin rated restaurant-that's what I heard) that I had tasted.
When we arrived, there was already a queue and so being the kia-su us, we quickly rushed to queue and by then the shop is not even opened yet. After queuing  for about 15 mins, the shop finally opened but as we were late we did not managed to get a table as the shop is quite small.

The waitress then passed us a queue no and asked us to come bout after 30mins. Since we were so hungry, we just walked in to a random shop nearby to had some breakfast.

Fried Noodles

Zhar Leong (炸樑) & porridge

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Maui Japanese Buffet @ The Place, Damansara Perdana

I have been craving for buffet a lot lately and that explains the reason why I had buffet 4 times in 2 months. Every time when people think about buffet, it is all about spending lots of money on eating food that you always cannot finish. But afraid not, Maui Japanese buffet is a place that we always go when we need a quick buffet fix without burning our wallet (RM48.80+)

The star in all Japanese buffet - Sashimi

FOC - Fried Salmon Fin, filled with juicy fish fats/oil all over

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Roasted Pork @ Wong Kee Pudu

The boy has been raving about this particular Siu Yoke aka Roasted Pork he had once tasted with his boss at Pudu. And since we will be dropping by at the for-ever jam KL, we typed the location of Restaurant Wong Mei Kee (王美记) on ever-helpful Google Maps and off we go!

With Google Maps, the shop is not difficult to find and e managed to find a parking nearby the shop, lucky us.

And to our surprise, the shop was not too crowded when we arrived. We then proceed to order the Siu Yoke.

After approximately 15 mins wait time, the 'star dish' is served before our eyes.

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