Friday, October 26, 2012

Terry Pork @ SouthGate, KL

Hey there, apologies if I scared you with my close-up. I'm growing my hair long again and the length is really bothering me right's making me wonder whether should I go short all over again...Ahhhh~ don't bother..

Today's food post will be on....BIG ASS sausages...ta-dahh

We get to know Terry Pork from Living Social which quote the following, "If you dig pork and you want to dine on nothing but pork, then head to Terry Pork for some porky goodness".Us being pork-lover, we head on to Southgate for some Porky Goodness.

Before heading to the porky-licious yummies, we stop over at H&M Malaysia for some stress-relieving session and damn we felt so good  after the session and a little poorer.

Terry Pork has 2 outlets, 1 in Kuchai Lama and the other is in Southgate, where we went and to my surprise the one in Southgate is so small and they only have 2 chefs and a waitress. I think there's only about 20 tables max? 

And here's what we have for RM70 coupon

Early Grey Milk Tea, RM4.50. The drink is to my liking as it is not too sweet.

Sausage Bacon Rolls, RM9.90. Not good, you can see from here the cocktail sausages is too dry and we cant even taste the bacon, the Pork in Blanket @ Brussels Cafe is way better. We didn't even finish it.

West East Sausages with Streaky Platter, RM25. The platter consist of 2 supposed West sausages and 1 East sausage, which is 'lap cheong/臘腸', which is weird I find but for that complaint then..but cannot compare with Euro Deli's Sausage Platter I had last week lo...a visual below for comparison's sake.

Looks abit weird in the picture..forgive my cost around RM50.

Teriyaki Pork Steak Burger, RM15.90. Kenny didn't even finish the meat..only the bread and he claims that he likes the bread-foccacia 

And lastly my Stone Bowl of Salted Fish and Belly Rice,RM9.90. Why stone bowl you asked? The waitress told me they are out of the stone bowl, hence...The rice is too dry and the quantity of salted fish...let's not go there..

Overall, we didn't go home with a happy stomach...the side salad to the dish had a weird taste and the tomato sauce also tasted weird. The food is only so-so and I reckon we will not return but maybe the branch in Kuchai Lama will be better? We would not know till we try.

Till then, adios


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