Thursday, March 29, 2012

Japan Trip: Hakone Peace Park, Dinner at Gotemba & Sunshine City Prince Hotel

After having the yummy black egg which helps in extending our age for extra 7 years, we move to the nearby peace park for some photographs. The place is beautiful & peaceful with a nice view of the Mt Fuji.

After awhile of temple viewing and view shooting, we got bored and came out with the above...wuliao

The park is really beautiful and I love the weather there, thinking back I will be very glad if I can visit Japan again in the near future....

Last view of Mount Fuji before we move on to have our dinner.

Off we go to our dinner hungry after all the walks...1st dinner in Japan, kan cheong le~

Our dinner place, if I didn't remember wrongly, its only 5pm tat time but the sky is getting dark and the whole restaurant is occupied by only UM-ians.

Fresh sashimis yo!

"More ocha for me pwetty please", says the Ne-yo wannabe, hahas.

With my set dinner, Japs can really eat alot, look at the portion-1 bowl of white rice,udon, sashimi, veges, fish....Onaka ippai!!

Love the seaweed/sesame thingie that the Japanese sprinkled on their makes the rice super yummy, but abit salty tho.

After the filling dinner, we travel to Tokyo & checked in Sunshine City Prince Hotel, Tokyo, a fine 4* hotel which cost about RM650 for a standard room with breakfast. A type of luxury we can't afford if we were to travel on our own.Self-talk: Work harder and travel 5* on my own!! Gambatte!! 

Just realised I did not snap any photos of the hotel T.T

After shower and change of clothes, we went down to the street nearby to sight-see and to find for food.

And that concludes my 1st day in Japan *wipe sweat* at last right.....I'm gonna sleep now...oyasumi nasai!!


Anonymous_X said...

Nice shots! Love the bluish Mt Fuji. Heh.

Redlomo said...

great shot and great view .. whish can visit that place soon :)

Nath said...

mushi mushi, hope you have a great time there~ said...

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