Monday, September 26, 2011

Eating at StarHill KL for ONLY RM 3.60

StarHill Gallery KL is famous for its high-end outlets like Gucci, Chopard, Fendi and the list goes on. I had went to Starhill numerous times but had never really dare to walk in to those shops, fearing that the sales assistant will look down on me.

I'll never imagine myself entering the shops in Starhill, not to mention eating there, where it will cause a hole in my wallet. But to my surprise, there's this 3.6 Teatime Promo which is unbelievably affordable and good. The promotion runs from 3pm-6pm daily for only RM3.60++ per unbelievable, right? I read somewhere that the promo ends 4th October 2011, hopefully they will extend this great promo.

This promo runs in 4 reputable restaurant: Shook!, Fisherman's Cove, Luk Yu Tea House and Pak Loh Chiu Chow. All 4 restaurants are located in the Feast level.

We were thinking western, so there's only 2 choice left but we ended up choosing Shook!. So I guess you are now anticipating on what's in the RM3.60 menu, here you go:

Not bad right? So many things to choose from. But not all are RM 3.60, some are RM4.60, but still cheap what...

While waiting for my food to come, I posed with my Iphone 4 casing which I got for only RM1. Yay...lucky us...It was some random shops opening lucky draw thing in Pavillion. There are also Mac headphones and Ipod shuffle to be won...but too bad...I feel so sad, the woman right in fron of me manage to draw the Ipod, argghhh it was suppose to be mine....

Still waiting....haha but it took only awhile for the food to arrive...I tink only a few minutes....

Grilled chicken in Pita Bread, RM 3.60.

The chicken does not taste n look chicken it tasted and looked more like tuna...*scratch head....

Grilled Cumberland 8-inch sausage with Honey mustard sauce, RM4.60. 

This is some very flavorful and juicy sausage. Thinking back, I regretted not ordering more. But the mashed potato is a dry.

Fish Tempura with Noodles, RM3.60.

The noodles is too soft and soggy. The fish is ok ,but why soak the tempura in the soup??

6-inch Pepperoni Pizza, RM4.60. 

This pizza is also good. Crispy thin crust with just enough of cheese and the tomato sauce.

Pasta Seafood Tomato Sauce, RM4.60.

Where on earth can you find pasta for RM4.60. Served with generous amounts of mussels, squid and 2 medium-sized prawn...yum yum!!

If you are thinking how can the 2 of us finish the food, mind you, the portion is quite small, but we feel damn full after finishing all of it. We feel like such a pig, for ordering so much, the couple next to us only order 1 each, but who cares, we were too hungry and it's cheap!!!

The restaurant:

LG1, Feast Village,
Starhill Gallery.

Phone: 603 2782 3875

Me giving a thumbs up for Shook!....and also for the 3.6 Tea Promo...(please extend the promo) >.<

Star Hill 3.6 Tea Promo available at:-
Fisherman's Cove
Luk Yu Tea House 
Pak Loh Chiu Chow

Promo ends 4th October 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MOF Japanese Cafe at Sunway Pyramid

We were having our usual outing at Sunway Pyramid on one fine day and we came across this: Japanese Set Lunch from RM 9.90...being a poor student we went in to the restaurant without second thought.

MOF actually stands for Ministry of Food ( it in any way related to Ministry of Sound (MOS) in Pyramid), and it originates from Singapore. Looking at their website, I think they are quite big there. The food in the menu looks not bad too, but since we were too poor, we only had their Set Lunch. Why didn't they have this buffet promo in Malaysia as well....

Closer look on what's available in the Lunch menu.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we went around and snapx3...

The Gelato looks much varieties..i wan T.T

♥ the dreamy effect from Olympus >.<

Acting cool...ceh!!

2 cups of ice mocha, plezzz....

After tasting their salad, I didn't put much hope on the mains...

My Curry Pasta Set at RM 9.90, tasted really is just spaghetti with curry gravy, a piece of potatocarrot and a few chunks of onion. No complain though, that's what you can get for RM 9.90 this days....

His BBQ Chicken Bento Set, RM 11.90 looks way least gt meat egg sumo...But the BBQ sause tasted funny....doesn't taste BBQ....

And that's our 1st encounter with Ministry of Food (MOF), I think I'll prefer MOS should I go try their menu and desserts rather than their Set Lunch.....I just think that their Set Lunch does not do the restaurant any good...

First Floor,
New Wing,
Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day Out at Ikea

Random post on our Ikea outing. I just love visiting Ikea...I love the way they decorate and I'll always dream of my house looking like it is...yeah...I;m a dreamer...and will always be one....

Our root beer from the vending machine outside of Ikea. It's been sometime since our last root beer...refreshing!!

After touring Ikea, a place which we never fail to visit each time, and a must go is the Foodcourt@Ikea for the yummylicious meatball.....

The meatball is a bit dry, but it is just nice when eaten with the sauce. But I don't understand why there is jam served in this dish, any idea? It cost RM 5 for this plate of 5 pcs meatball with french fries.

Mushroom Soup, RM 3. This taste good too, but it's a bit watery.

This time around we also tried the chicken wing, RM 4. This is not good, cold and un-crispy....

2 happy faces in Ikea. If you would excuse us now, we will like to enjoy our Swedish meatballs now...adjö meaning goodbye (thanks Google Translate)...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sin Yoon Loong @ Ipoh Old Town

This particular shop in Ipoh old town is famous for its white coffee. It is located just opposite of Nam Heong. I would not know the difference between the 2 since I'm not a coffee lover. 

White Coffee, RM 1.40. After drinking this cup of coffee, I felt dizzy the whole day. I guess I'm not a coffee-person. Anyhow, this cup tasted good, not too sweet which is to my liking and very kaw.... 

I love to have my drink served in cups like this....very likey!!

My toast with kaya & butter, RM 1.60. The kaya is very good, very fragrant. Not much of butter in the bread, but also to my liking cos I love my toast with less butter. The bread is also very crispy.

Caramel Custard, RM 2.20. Very soft texture with just the right sweetness....

Chee Cheong Fun, RM 2.50. I favor this savoury cheong fun to the sweet ones. This plate here is served with minced meat and also mushroom bits.

Dry Hor Fun , RM 3.50. Smooth hor fun with plenty of sides in the soup.

Mamak Mee Goreng, RM 3.50.

Sin Yoon Loong (Ipoh Old Town)
Jalan Bandar Bijih Timah,
Ipoh, Perak
(Right opposite of Kedai Makanan Nam Heong)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


As you all can see from the title, I'm out of ti-dea (title+idea), also being a not very creative being, that's the only title that I can come out with. Talking about creativity reminds me of my current job...there's this brain-storm session, where people are required to come out with ideas, and there I'll be sitting at a side, hoping that the bosses could not see me....(ok, abit out of topic)

So, today I'm gonna talk about the coupon that we got from It is a 5-course Western meal for only RM 19.90 nett, inclusive of tax and charges. It's dirt cheap...All this online deal, is making me fat and poor, it is too irresistible, if I don't get it I'll regret for the rest of my life. Few sites that I visit on a daily basis: My Deal, Groupon, everyday, hahah, and alldealsasia.

The restaurant is at Solaris Dutamas, in a secluded area, or maybe because it is weekend? But it is not that hard to find. Easiest way...GPS lo ^^ There are many more nice-looking restaurant at that area, which looks like it's worth trying.

There are 9 mains which we can choose from. Guess which did I chose? Each sets comes with a salad, soup, dessert and drink. Adding all up it will be 5-course, duh...

Before the food photos, let's look at the interior of the restaurant:

All very brownish and yellowish, idk what kind of feel they wanna achieve, brick walls, wood ceiling, chandelier...

Okla...back to the food la...i'm not very good in taking photograph of stuff other than food...paiseh...

1st to arrived is the salad,the deal is stated that there are 2 choices of salad, but the waiter told us that there is only 1, but the only difference between the 2 salad is that 1 is with chicken and the other with prawn. We had the 1 with ebi tempura. The salad would be much better if the veggies are fresh, also I find the sauce abit too sour. Also, there is no sign of chickpeas like what's stated in the menu.

Next up is the asparagus soup, which look abit yellowish...I thought asparagus is supposed to be green? hmmphh...There are supposed to be mushroom soup, again this proves online deal is too good to be true...but I'm not complaining either..the asparagus soup is good nevertheless, very creamy indeed..

Spaghetti Salmon. The salmon looks quite thin, but I guess it's good cos it is wiped clean off the plate o.O

Grilled Sirloin Steak. Again, tis is not mine so I did not try, te meat looks so thin and the sauce flooded the meat.

Yay!! Mine at last !! Fettuccini Carbonara w beef bacon. Yummy and very creamy. But the fettuccini is a tad overcooked.

Spaghetti Baked Seafood with a lot of mussels, clams, prawns and squids....

Grilled Chicken with Sausage. The sauce is it mushroom sauce? I don't remember...I phail as a food blogger...I loved the mashed potato also...

Dessert time!! As a self-declared choco lover, I of course had the chocolate ice cream with pudding...

Ugly face...look!! the love letter is so hard....just is just nice...

I look fat here but no choice...only picture of us...

The food here is ok for the price we no complains but I most probably would not return as we had already try most of the food there ;p


Wild Basil
A2-G2-05, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone:03 - 6205 3297

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