Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antipasti Buffet at Spasso Milano

You guys must be wondering what's antipasti, it is the plural of antipasto which means 'before the meal' or easier said is appetiser in the Italian language. For a person like me who has never tasted Italian in a classy Italian Restaurant, the experience in Spasso Milano really open up my eyes. The restaurant is located in the heart of KL, Nihonkan Club, Jalan Ampang. It is actually not hard to find, from KLCC onwards just go straight all the way or easier get a GPS... ;p

Ok, back to the buffet, cos there's no point listening on how-to-go from a person like me who doesn't know her way. So, I 1st read of this buffet from a fellow Nuffnang blogger, and I did a find on 'Antipasti Buffet KL', I love the convenience of the digital world. After tons of good reviews and slurp-ing photos, we decided to have our anniversary lunch at Spasso Milano. They only served this buffet for weekend lunch.

The buffet spread.

The buffet is priced at RM18++ per person. And you can add RM 3 or more for a main of your choice. The selection here are not very extensive, alot of the food which is shown here and here, are not there during our visit. I guess those are paid review or is it they serve different variations every week, idk. The buffet price does not come with drinks, so we only had plain water, which is free, yeah, we are very poor.

The soup is good, very creamy. The bread is quite hard as it is cold.

Yummy~yummy selections, but all the food there is nothing to shout about lo...all cold de...

We ordered the Tagliatelle Napolitana by adding aother RM3. This is the best dish that we had there. We were wondering why they need to place it in such big plate.

The interior of the restaurant is modern, and comfortable, the lighting is dim, also loved the free parking, you know how impossible it is to get a free parking in KL. The Nihonkan Club provides an ample of free parking spaces, how kewl is that.

My outfit: white dress from a boutique in The Curve, RM 39.90 and white heel, Vincci, RM 24. ☺I
♥ bargains.


jamie writes said...

OMG! looking at the food now makes me hungry, and it's bout 1 more hour to lunch :P~

ken said...

if the buffet does not come with drinks, i'll take plain water too.. duwan pay any extra :P

Anonymous said...

wa suka lu punya white outfit la...cantik sekali...hahaha...


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