Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicken Chop: Hainanese Style @ Sin Kok Thye

Where else can you get a chicken chop for less than RM10 now?

Sin Kok Thye Coffee Shop is located on Jalan Kem in Port Klang. The row of shop look old from the outside and most of the shops in the same row are closed. It looks like a row of life-less shop. But when you are in the coffee shop, your perception will change as the shop are full with customers.

The must-try is the Hainanese Chicken Chop, lightly seasoned-fried chicken breast served in sweet and sour tomato sauce. I bet your saliva are dripping now.

The Hainanese Chicken Chop, at RM 7.50. Fried chicken breast served in tomato sauce, with potato, quarter fresh tomato and green peas.

The sour-ish tomato sauce is very appetizing and the chicken are just nice, not overly battered.

The outlook of it may not be very presentable but taste-wise it is good.Also my I-phone does not do the chicken chop justice.

We also had the 'Bread Fried Egg'. It is actually 2 pieces of Hainan white bread covered in egg and then fried. There is a funny story when we ordered this bread. We asked for french toast and the impolite lady ' Ha' loudly, as she does not understand. And so, we pointed to the table which is having the bread, she then shouted loudly " Bread Fried Egg is it" in hokkien. Making us felt so embarrassed for wanting to order French Toast in kopitiam.

Apart from being soft and oily, there's nothing special from this piece of fried bread.

Half-boiled eggs.

Is this even half-boiled. We then requested for a new one and to our disappointment, it came back too raw. T.T... so don't order half-boiled eggs in Sin Kok Thye.

My fried rice, RM 5.50. One word 'Yummy' . But some bites are saltier, rice are not fried evenly, the cook is too old?

There is prawn, chicken, eggs, onions, fish cakes...all sorts of things in the rice. The portion of the fried rice is huge. Share it with other people to avoid food wastage.

Other foods available: Fish chop, Lamb Chop, Hailam Mee, Fried Noodles. (all-halal)

With the varieties served here, you will not be out of choice every time you dine here. Have a cup of their famous coffee or tea to go with your food and things will never go wrong.


Sin Kok Thye Coffee Shop
23, Jalan Kem
Port Klang.


Lindy said...

The Hainanese Chicken Chop looks Yummeh!! lol

ken said...

looking good.. but port klang is so far away from my place :P

Sharon said...

wao wao wao~ look so nice ~i want it too~

bacterium said...

How's this compare to yut kee? seems to be cheaper.

LauraLeia said...

The fried rice looks so so good! *drools* Too bad port klang is so far away T_T

meichi said...

thks av1 for the comments ^^

bacterium: ohh...i have nv been to yut kee...heard that they serve delectable roasted pork...will definitely visit yut kee whenever i have the chance

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. All foods in this shop look so yummy, must pay a visit soon.

meichi said...

sonia: thks for the visit... ^^

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